Week 11 2nd XV1

On, probably, the best weather night of the bowling season so far and that with only 4 games left it was up to close neighbours Tanfield and the chance to build on last week’s success against Summerside. Stan Christie’s rink got the guys off to a winning start but that was countered by Hugh Hilson’s narrow defeat. Phil Rae’s squad got our noses back in front but the real drama was unfolding on Rink 3. ROC’s rink had looked comfortable at 11-4 up but could not cope with the short jack tactic and found themselves 7 down with only two to play. Somehow the boys conjured up a 6 at the penultimate end but that seemed a forlorn effort as our hosts lay 4 with only ROC’s last bowl to come. And come it did to smack the white out of the rink and burn the end. If truth be told what ROC really wanted was to spring the jack a yard to his left to collect a 3 but the guys were just happy to still be in the game. At the replayed end the white was ditched and Jim Prentice drew to within a foot for the NBC to lie 2. ROC was now in a quandary, draw another or try and block the approach? In the end he did neither, both his bowls falling short and leaving the path clear for the opposing skip who managed to draw the 2nd shot for a game peel. However it was a very welcome 6-3 overall win. We now close to within 6 points of Maitland who visit the Northern next week. Onwards and, hopefully, upwards!