Club Rules



A maximum of FIVE rinks will be set aside for the playing of cometitionmatches each day. The 6th rink will be for bounce/practice games.  If after 30 minutes the 6th rink is free then the next tie scheduled for that date may make use of the rink.  Any subsequent ties can, in rotation, make use of the other rinks as they become available.   On days where the club is hosting Open or Invitational competitions, this rule is superseded.

Rink TWO playing away from the clubhouse and rink FOUR playing across the clubhouse are the rinks to be left free for bounce games.

All rinks to be drawn by a member of the club in the presence of a minimum of one other club member, that member or person shall not be their immediate opponent.  The person drawing the rinks should append their initials/name to the book.

Ties should be entered into the book in strict order and in the appropriate area e.g. EVENING, AFTERNOON or PROVISIONAL.

Provisional ties, once agreed, should be moved to the appropriate area but MUST BE PLACED AFTER any ties already scheduled for the date, regardless of how long the tie has been in the provisional area.

Members should make every effort to contact their opponent and play ties timeously. In the event that contact has beenn unsuccessful, one party may enter two dates and times in the diary, offering reasonable opportunity for their opponent to attend. The member entering such dates and times MUST attend the club on the specified dates and times.

In the event that members cannot reach agreement on a playing date then written, NOT VERBAL , submissions must be made to the Matches Secretary. In the event that such written submissions are not provided, the members involved will be removed from the specific competition.

Whilst afternoons are generally accepted as Seniors Members playing time, any FULL member of the club requiring to play s tie may do so after entering the tie in the diary and having a rink selected in line with the normal club rule as dictated above. Full members do not have preference to a rink in the afternoon.

Please be aware that your opponent may have holidays etc pre booked and it is in your own interest to approach them at the earliest possible opportunity to arrange your tie.  Members are reminded that holiday are NOT a cause for extentions and any such request will be refused.



Only ONE substitute will be allowed to play in a RINK, TRIPLE or PAIRS competition. The substitute CANNOT play as SKIP.  Only in bereavement will a second substitute be allowed and the Match Secretary must be advised of the change prior to the tie taking place


Club Polo Shirt (Blue & White with Yellow piping) and Grey Trousers. Club Blazer is optional.
(This is hereinafter referred to as ‘Ordinary Club Dress’)

Club Blazer, White Shirt & Tie and Grey Trousers
(hereinafter referred to as ‘Official Club Dress’)

The Senior section Club Polo Shirt (Blue & White with Yellow piping) and Grey Trousers. Club Blazer is optional. for their League and Cup ties and the Management Committee have agreed with that request. However the right to withdraw this concession, at any time, is reserved to the Management Committee.

Players in the Club Single Championship SEMI FINAL and FINAL are expected to wear Ordinary Club Dress. The Club grant courtesy of the green to the participants and, as a simple matter of respect, the players are expected to reciprocate.

When playing in all other Bowls Scotland internal competition FINALS the dress code for these occasions is ‘Ordinary Club Dress’. 
The Senior Section exemption is permitted on these occasions.
All other rounds smart casual dress is appropriate (no shorts)

All Bowls Scotland, E&LBA and EBL fixtures, including League, Edinburgh Cup, EBL K.O. Competitions and the Top Ten &Top Five.

When representing the Club at the aforementioned events the Dress code is ‘Ordinary Club Dress’. There is no Senior Section exemption for these games other than those games involving only the Senior Section members, as the club is usually bound by dress rules out with our control.

The Club Officials (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Match Secretary) are expected to wear the OFFICIAL CLUB dress at the club A.G.M.

Should the Club host Hamilton Trophy matches or the latter stages of Bowls Scotland, E&LBA or EBL Competitions the President and his working team should be attired in Official Club Dress.

On Opening and Closing Days and for Club friendly matches members may opt for either ordinary or official dress in line with the concession to the Senior Section referred to earlier in the policy.

The wearing of shorts on the green will be permitted, on a trial basis, for certain events during the 2011 season. Members may wear shorts during bounce games but NOT when playing Club ties or during Competitions where guests are playing (i.e. Invitation Pairs).

Football shorts and cut downs are NOT permitted.

The Management Committee will decide which events are appropriate and the Match Secretary shall signify on the Notice Board when shorts will be an acceptable form of attire.

Management Committee (revised 11 July 2011)