Date Tournament Home / Away Time
13th April Opening Day H 14.00
16thApril Senior Opening Day H 14.00
22nd April Singles Handicap & Fours Draw
26th April Friendly Vs Queensberry 3H& 3A 18.30
29th April Pairs & Triples Draw
1st May League H & A  18.30
2nd to 6th May Tour Ayr
3rd May Handicap prelim if needed H
8th May League H & A  18.30
10th May Handicap 1st Rd Played by
11th May 2 bowl singles & Pairs H 12.00
13th May Fours
15th May League H & A  18.45
17th May Handicap R 2nd played by
18th May Friendly Prestongrange  A Six Triples
22nd May League H & A  18.45
24th May Handicap 3rd rd Played  by
27th May Club Fours S/F
28th May Singles prelim if req
29th May League H&A 18.45
31st May Handicap s/f Played by
3rd June Club Fours S/F
5th June League  H&A 18.45
12th June League H&A 18.45
17th June Fours Final
18th June Championship R1 Played By
19th June League H & A  18.45
20th June Pairs Prelim if req
22nd June FriendlyAlloa 14.00 Six Triples
24th June Triples
26th June  League H & A  18.45
29th June  Darlington Away 9am
3rd July League H & A  18.45
4th July Pairs 2nd Rd Played by
10th July League  H&A 18.45
15th July Triples
17th July League H & A  18.45
20th July Hibs v Hearts 13.30
22nd July Championship R2  played by
25th July Pairs R2  Played by
31st July League H & A 18.30
7th August League H & A. 18.30
11th August Jackie Christie InvitationTriples 10.00
12th August Triples Final
15th August Club Pairs  1/4 F played by
23rd August Championship 1/4 to be played by
26th August Championship Semi Final
30th August Championship  Final
31st August  Invitation Pairs 10.00
2nd September Pairs Final by
14th September Croftfoot A
5th October Closing Day H  14.00
15th Nov Presentation Prizes