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2nd XV1 v Tanfield

The weather was mixed for another crunch game against next door neighbours. R1 with George Prentice, Davie Reid, Ronnie Scott, Jimmy Martin the first five ends see the score 5-3 then the next five saw Tanfield get a 1,4,2,2,4, to jump into a 5-16 lead then a strong finish from Northern of 1,3,1,1,1(0) finish 14-17.R2 saw the I.Macdonald, Jimmy McKenna, Robbie Patterson, and Jimmy Bathgate. a close first five ends 4-5 after ten ends the score was 7-9 a strong finish of (0)4,1,(0) (0)2,3,to finish 17-14 a good hard fought win.R3 Roy Campbell, BobbyLee, Davie Smith, Kenny Lawrence. take a 10-3 lead after five ends with a run of 0,0,0,0,1 saw the score after ten ends 11-7 following up with a 1,2,2, to lead 16-7 then all change 0,0,0,0, to finish 16-19 bad one to lose. R4 saw James Watson, Jim Prentice, Alex Young, Bob Bain 11-4 up after ten ends, fifeteen ends saw the lead jump to 18-6 with a (0) 1 finish to win 19-7 final score 66-57 a hard fought five points but only if. there is a week break next week then it is the last two games of the season so its of to Portugal for a team bonding for a big finish.

Published: July 17, 2019

Hearts Vs Hibs

The Annual game was played in Sunshine at one stage it was “Sunshine on Leith” on rink 1after ten ends and some lucky rubs it was the rink of Davie Smith, Mike Morrison, Jim Prentice and Roy rubber Campbell jumped into a 6-12 lead but the rink of Jimmy Martin, Willie Robb, Grant Young, and Bobby Lee. kept scoring (0) 1,1,1,(1)(1)1losing out to the lucky Hibs team 10-15.R3 Saw Tam Whitecross, Robbie Patterson, Davie Scott, Geo Prentice again after ten ends 21-6 upbeat with the Marroon spirit the rink with Keith Smith and three others no names on card scored (0)(0) 3,1,1,1,1to make it 16-13 to our Brethren form Leith. R4 saw Jimmy “steady” Bathgate ,Gary Largue, Kenny Lawrence, give the Triples of A. N. O. Allan Ross, and Darren Prentice a bowling Lesson to win 15-8 with the rink on 1 last to finish it was down to the last bowl from Bobby Lee to win the game for Hearts and what a bowl it was drawing within 2 inches to get a 1 and when the total scores were counted it finished 39- 39 a great result after the start that the Hearts got all round.In the clubhouse Roy Campbell had went to a well known store and supplied Chicken Wings, Sausages, and Ham Rolls it was announced that a small donation of £1.50 to help cover the cost was made but sadly some forgot. It was a great day with good banter all round and the losers were the MEMBERS that never made the effort to play.

Published: July 13, 2019

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Published: July 12, 2019

2nd XV1 VCorstorphine

This game was a big one for both teams as they were at the wrong end of the League. R1 Roy Campbell, Bobby Lee, Mike Morrison, and Kenny Lawrence, the highlights of this game was in the first end when Bobby Lee played a great shot but it was the wrong Bias things got even worse losing 8-23. Winning four ends out of seventeen.R3 James Watson, Alex Young, Davie Reid, and Gary Largue. 4-2 up after five ends after ten ends the score stood at 8-9 the seven ends saw 2,(0)(0)2,2,(0)(0) making the final score 14-21.R4 saw Jimmy “Steady” Bathgate, Robbie Patterson, Jimmy McKenna, and Bob Bain. trailing 3-6 after five ends ten ends saw a nip and tuck 9-10finishing with a1, (0)(0)2,3, 1,1,but must mention the first bowl that Robbie Patterson played was in the class of Alex Marshall the whole rink shook his hand final score 17-14R5 with Mike Burns, Ronnie Scott,Ian Macdonald, and Jimmy Martin 5-3 up after five ends ten ends saw the lead go to five with a 9-4 lead but the run in saw 0,0,1,0,0,0,1making the final score 11-15. Congratulations must go to Corstorphine the 50 -73 victory but it is the trap door getting nearer for Northern.

Published: July 10, 2019

2nd XV1 Vs Bainfield

Sunshine on Bainfield as the Eagles looking for a good result. The draw saw R3 Jimmy Bathgate , Davie Reid, Jim McKenna , and Bob Bain, after nine ends the score was 5-5 but moving the gears getting a 4(0)(0)1,51,1,(0) with some very good drawing shots with the form Skip Towin17-9.R4 Roy Campbell, Mike Morrison, Bobby Lee, and Kenny Lawrence, 3-6 down after five ends the sixth end saw the mat going up the green and it suited Northern getting a 1,1,1,2,1,(0)2 to lead 11-8 after twelve ends a solid finish off (0)4,1,3,(0) making the final score 19-10. R5 saw James Watson, Alex Young, Jim Prentice, James Watson, taking a 5-2 lead after five ends ten ends saw the lead jump to 12-3 fifteen ends 13-12 with two ends to play saw 1,1 making the score 15-12.R6 saw Mike Burns, Ronnie Scott, Ian Macdonald, Jimmy Martin, having a seesaw game after five ends the score was 5-5 ten ends saw Bainfield take a 12-14 lead fifteen ends saw the game “peels” at 16-16 a (1) (1) but both Ronnie Scott touching the jack but still the shot was against and Mike Burns had a bowl very close but no luck final score 16-18 . final match score 67-49 a much needed 7-2 points win. Below are some shots from the game.

Published: July 3, 2019

Hearts Vs Hibernian

This game will now take place on Saturday 13th July at 2pm.

Published: June 29, 2019

2nd XV1 v Carrick knowe

After the deluge on Monday tonight was the best night for a league match sunshine all over. R2 saw Roy Campbell, Bobby Lee, Davy Smith and Mike Morrison getting the worst start for the second week in a row after ten ends down 4-15 fifteen ends saw the score 12-17 is there another come back on the horizon but the last two ends saw housers even 1(0) making the final score 13-18.R3 saw James Watson, J.Prentice, Alex Young and Gary Largue, showing a nice lead after five ends 7-4 after ten ends 12-6 and a run in of 0,0,0,0,(1)(1)(1) a bit squeaky bum time but the final score 15-13.R4 with Alan Mitchell, Ronnie Scott, Ian Macdonald ,up 6-3 after five ends ten ends saw the lead jump to 13-8twelve ends saw the lead 19-13 then disaster struck getting a 0,2,0,0,0, with Carrick Knowe replying with a 5,(0)(5)(4) (1) to turn the score in favour of the home side21-23 to say the rink was happy is a understatement. R 5 Jimmy Bathgate, A.Ross, R.Patterson, and Bob Bain. after five ends peels 3-3 ten ends saw Northern take a 2 shot lead making it 8-6 the a run of 0,0,0,0,0,2,0, final score 10-15. not the result that is was looking half way through the game but the scores don’t lie. .Onward to Bainfield next week total score Northern 59- Carrick Knowe 69.

Published: June 26, 2019

Top 5 vs Tanfield

The Bowlers picked for the above game on Sunday 30th June at 6-30pm are Andy Reid, Euan Craig, Gordon Wilson (jun) I. Miller, Darren Prentice. Please note five markers required

Published: June 24, 2019

The Masked Man with two pals

Published: June 22, 2019

John Urquhart has seen the light

This must be the next best top to Northern.

Published: June 20, 2019