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Sport Night 7/12

Eleven Members and a Guest From Maitland Bowling Club played Carpet Bowls, Doms, and Golf.Past President Gordon, and President elect Larry, turned up in Christmas jumpers which were very good.  First on the Carpet making up the numbers was Willie Robb and the score shows getting hammered 9.0 by Kenny ( A pound ) Lawrence. as the game went on the field was whittled down to the Semis Final and it was Gordon ( The Champ) Vs Larry (VP) Keith Smith Vs Brian ( Maitland Stud) Salvona. after two entertaining series it was Larry and Brian that got to the Final a close encounter but Larry just coming out on top. The Doms then started and it was a revenge for Willie Robb as he beat Kenny Lawrence in the first round again it was close games with. As the field got down to the nitty gritty, it was Gordon Wilson, Gary Largue, Keith Smith, and Grant Young, reaching the semis finals, after battling through the series it was Gary ( my round ) Largue vs Keith Smith with Gary coming out on top and getting the taxi money for all his pals home. Then half time Pies arrived !!!!!!!!! with something burning in the kitchen it was found out the pies were in the oven and the box was left on top so then it was no names ( The Organiser )mentioned who got the blame but the pies were all gone even although they were as black as Ace of spades. Then it was the Putting all twelve taking part it was Larry Sorrell winning the first and the Roy ( The Pie man ) winning the second. all the members and guest that turned up enjoyedthe night and after the games were finished it was down to the series stuff of getting the country sorted. No doubt there will be another Sport night in the New year well done to all who made the effort to make it a good Night.

Published: December 8, 2018

By Popular Demand

Friday 7th December, there will be a Carpet / Doms night as requested by some of the Members the last one went down well. So why not come and enjoy the electric atmosphere. !!!

Published: November 27, 2018

Close Season So Far

Good to see guys beginning to drift back to the club on Monday evenings but we would always want to welcome more. Short carpet finals results THUS FAR Week 1 : Jim Bathgate beat Larry Sorrell Week 2 : ROC beat Gordon Wilson Week 3 : ROC beat Jim Bathgate Week 4 : Bob Lee beat Jim Bathgate Week 5 : Richie Newall beat Jim Bathgate There’s a theme developing here!!

The Dominoes are going well also and it is a minor miracle that nothing has yet been broken with ‘bouncers’

Just a reminder that the BAINFIELD INDOOR MATCH is TOMORROW NIGHT (Friday 23 Nov at 7 for a 7.30ish start)


Published: November 22, 2018

How to play Doms

Owing to Committee meeting time curtailed events and games were restricted to 5 ends with 7 (eventually) playing.

7 because ROC had forgotten to include Club Champion Gordon Wilson in the draw! GW was quickly re-instated but equally as quickly despatched by the same ROC who went to win the final v Jimmy Bathgate The later was hard done by very bad sportsmanship as he was about top play his last bow won’t mention the Members name distracted him and that was game over.

Whilst the bowls progressed the KO Dominoes was in full flow and a more raucous night it is hard to imagine. Huge suspicions that some of the players may have been on caffeine overload judging by the noise! and forgetting how to play the game!!!! Still there were no spillages this week J


Prizes up for grabs. So please make every effort to attend!!

Published: November 6, 2018

A Night Of The Granny’s

Another night at the NBC and this time only 8 of the 11 played the short carpet with ROC winning the session beating Gordon Wilson in the final.

Allan Mitchell’s made his return where he, as usual, told everyone “no to bother as he would win it despite his holiday lay off” only for him to be ‘grannied’ by the aforesaid Gordon Wilson. 

On to the Dominoes and the usual ferocious, give no quarter, games of knockout. (As like the 21 Goals) In fact, so exciting that Jimmy Martin scattered both a can of (empty) juice and a fuller drink in two separate incidents! He blamed the full one on watching a bowl that distracted him. Back in again next Monday as there is a Committee meeting so get yourself along and support the Club.

Published: October 30, 2018

Work On The Green Last Day

Saturday saw the last day of work on the green what was supposed to be 4 hours turned out to be almost 9. As the last of the holes were drilled the drill hit something very hard and it was a struggle to get the drill out of the ground. Being almost 30ft down made things worse, but the boys done well getting out after one hour. The last hole being set up for drilling saw the same thing happen but this time it was only about 20 ft down , was a bit easier to get the drill out . then the clear up started The slow process of getting the drill of the green started. (see  Pictures ). The end of a long day.

Published: October 20, 2018

Carpet Bowls

Monday saw 13 Members turn up and 8 playing Carpet Bowls. The eventual winner was the Jimmy Bathgate who hit top form to beat Larry Sorrell in the final.The shot of the night was Larry Sorrell when he was 3 down in last end with the last bowl hit the jack and it went forward to get 2 shots leaving Jimmy Martin speechless. It was a good night for all including the Club. The next Carpet Bowls will be 29th October get down and support the club and you could be the next Carpet Bowls Champion.

Published: October 16, 2018

The Work on the Green

The first day saw Frank O’Donnell working,  starting at 9.45am and finishing at 3pm and that was only laying out the tees for the work that is going to be done over the next 4/5 days. See pictures below. More will follow from Day 2 onwards. Why Caption (Tee Off there are over 550 Golf Tees on the Green) Second day some nice manoeuvring with drill see (video’s). More pictures and Video’s will appear here through out the work.

Published: October 9, 2018

Close Season

The Committee have decided to run Carpet Bowls and Dominoes from the 15 October, Please support your Club twelve months a year not just 6months.

Published: October 2, 2018

The Bobby Loch Trophy and Closing Day

The Curtain fell on the 2018 season with the Bobby Loch Trophy and after a round robin the Winner was Garry Harrison who beat Larry Sorrell in the final. So that is it for this season BUT PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE CLUB IS OPEN TWELVE MONTHS A YEAR. Surprise visitor to the club was Doctor THINGMY From Casulty.

Published: September 30, 2018