Top 5 Top boys

Brilliant result with a great win against Sigthill BC,

Ian Miller is the new Flying Scotsman having tucked his opponent away in about 45 mins winning 21-3,and all the Northern lads rubbing their heads and their eyes seeing last bowl Miller off 1st by a country mile,

Next off with Davy ( ive definitely chucked it ) Scott, and on this occasion he defo hadn’t chucked it, Davy’s opponent found the tricky R6 a tad better than him and this one was a 21-9 defeat,

Peels at 1, 2 games down.

Next off was Jamie, and after sitting pretty at 19-13 up Jamie started to feel the heat as his opponent hit back with a 4 and a 2 to peel at 19,

Jamie regained his composure and a huge sigh off relief went around the Northern as Jamie picked up a 2 at the next winning 21-19,

Young Gogs was playing a blinder on R5 against the Sighthill Top dog and got to about 17-3 up and just took his foot of the pedal a little,his opponent lengthened the white and gained a few shots but Young Gordon( it is  Sunday) closed out with 2 brilliant draws coming back towards the clubhouse to win his tie and effectively finish Sighthill off,

Andy Reid was playing a tight game on R1 but his opponent always seemed to be 1 step ahead, as the game on R5 ended and the match ended as a contest they finished the end and decided to proceed, Andy’s opponent picked up another couple of shots and with the next end being very tight again but Andy lying 2 shots the Sighthill man drove and burn’t the end and both players decided to shake hands and both their records stay in check giving the Northern a 3-1 victory.

Our next round opponents will be, Carricknowe.

Anyway great team effort lads onwards and upwards.