Second XV1 Vs Carrick Knowe

On the usual summer night when the wetsuits were required Northern welcomed Carrick Knowe for the penultimate  game of the season Rink one saw Alan Ross, Alex Young, Jimmy Porter, and Davie Smit leading 5-3 after five ends  three shots in it after ten ends 9-6 ends eleven to fifteen saw them get  1,3,2(2) 1.  To lead 16-10losing a one at the last making the final score 16-10Rink four saw the return of Mike Burns back in the fold after a shoulder injury with Davy Reid, Ronnie Scott Kenny Lawrence after five ends were 6-4 up next five ends saw them moving through the gears to get a 1,1,3,2,3 to lead 16-4 . fifteen ends 18-9 sixteen getting a 1, and in the last end losing a 1 making the final score 19-10. Rink 3 saw Jim Prentice, Bobby Lee, Mike Morrison, and Bob Bain . getting a (0)3,3,1(0) after five to lead 7-6 then ends six to thirteen saw a purple patch 2,2,2,2,1,4,2 to lead 23-6 ends 14,15,16,17 saw 0,0,0,0losing a 2,2,1,3. making the final score 23-14. Last off the Green was Jimmy Bathgate, Robert Bell, Willie Robb, and Jimmy Martin who were 3-4 down after five ends, after ten ends 5-11 the last seven ends saw a 1,1(0)1,1,1,1 to lose narrowly 11-12. Final score 69-46 to Northern with the sixteen that played tonight were all winners after all the call offs the Club had . Last game next Wed Away to Craigentinny with the light still glowing in tunnel still in with a shout.