1st 16s Vs Summerside Away

Penultimate game of the season  and probably the least said about this one the better,a lot of call offs for this game and varying excuses as to why we struggled to put out a 1st and 2nd 16 this week,understandable that the 1st 16s were safe but the seconds are right in the mix for winning the 1st Division,well done to the selectors for begging stealing and borrowing and after being on the phone most of the day thanks also to the guys who maybe haven’t been playing in the teams recently but turned out to help us fulfill both of these games,only thing to be said about the 1st 16s, this game did have a lack luster feel to it  and possibly Summerside were more up for it than us at the business end where it counted, and they did need the points I think 3 of these games were tight right up to the last end  but they had a great home win 9-0 and we left with nothing, well done Summerside,

Last game next week at home against this years Division 1 winners Craiggy.