New Northern Green Bankings

Hi Guy’s , respectful request from our Esteemed President,

I’m sure your all aware that we are pursuing prices and getting estimates for the various tasks involved in doing the Green banking’s etc,  this is still not as yet a fore gone conclusion but for anyone who Gordon has not managed to get a letter to yet or speak to personally,  he and the committee are asking all members if you are going to be willing to donate some time and effort into doing the various laboring tasks that will be required if we go ahead with this project, also what you can afford to donate if anything to help improve your club, we do appreciate we have had to ask our members to donate to a few schemes over the past few years Gents and our guys always have been very generous, and it is much appreciated, but at the end of the day it is us who will benefit from it , it is our club ( THIS IS THE NORTHERN ) 

Can you all speak to Gordon, many thanks in advance