League week12 (1st XV1)

A short trip in a North Westerly direction to Maitland for the 3rd last game of the season and one to quickly forget as only really Jamie’s rink and Tubby’s deserve pass marks for two near misses,

Jim Bathgate was on R2 and with Richie Newall at Lead Craig Snoddy 2nd and Larry at 3rd they had a shout right up until the last bowl , 1 shot down at the last end and a couple down JB took the paint off the jack with his 1st effort but unfortunately didn’t look at the white with his 2nd and finished up 4 down.

Wee Gogs and the young Dream team on R3 and again we didn’t give the young man much play he played a couple of crackers over the piece but for myself ,Big Gogs and Davy Scott the message is must try harder.

Andy Reid was on R4 and was really up against it playing a very decent Maitland rink but also another change to his rink saw Kenny Lawrence come in for his 1st game as a 16s player ( Big well done Kenny ) Reliable Walter at lead and Big George at 3rd, Our guys well under the cosh here but they rallied and got a few shots on the board.

Lastly Young Jamie on R5 was a very tense affair right up until the last bowl,Our Club Champion Grant Young at lead,Bob Bain at 2nd and Young Dazza at 3rd, forgive me if I get the numbers slightly wrong but I think the 2nd last end 2 down and lying 3 shots their skip drew shot to go into the last end 3 up and at the last end we were lying 4 and another fine draw  with his  last bowl from the Maitland skip gave the home team the honours and Maitland have turned the tables on us after we did the same thing to them at the Northern, so a 9-0 defeat it is for this one for the second week in a row ,let’s get rallying guys.

Only good news from the night came from hearing the results of the other games which took place tonight

Parkside 9 Leith 0, Berry 9 Summerside 0 and the other game Craiggy 2 Hillside 7, so Parkside have a small cushion of six and a half points going into the last 2 , with the break next week for the Scottish so the next league fixture is not until the 5th of August, think our friends from Granton may fancy their chances against Craiggy and Parky their last 2,and Parky have a tricky one against Maitland next,

So with the result of these games in place it means unfortunately Summerside and Leith are now officially relegated.

More good news on the night came from the Northern in the shape of a 7-2 win against Maitland from the 2nd XV1s, big well done lads, gives our boys a fighting chance of survival with 2 games to go.

Next game v Leith at Leith  on AUG 5th