Week 13 2nd XV1

This weeks’ report took a little while to compile as the writer had to compose himself after the fiasco of Wednesday evening. In a match that the 2nds were desperate to win the rain, which has held sway through most days of the season but left the evening bowlers largely alone, finally arrived and with a vengeance.
In horrible conditions the match was halted in very confusing circumstances when the captain of the visitors slipped and declared that he was finished playing for the evening. There ensued much confusion in the NBC ranks as to whose role it was to declare the green playable or not. In the end a general acceptance appeared to be made that the game was over and the sodden players all trooped off. At the point of ending the NBC had 3 rinks up and what appeared to be a very welcome 7-2 victory. However, as no one, not least your writer, could interpret the rule for halted matches, much discussion ensued as to the correct result, in fact, so much so that 2 separate total score scenarios were read out whilst we awaited confirmation from the league as to the correct outcome. Ultimately, owing to the prevailing league rules, the scores were backtracked to the 11th end. This transferred 2 points to the visitors and a 5-4 win was recorded.
With other results going against the team we have to record a substantially better score than our nearest rivals in our last match and hope that it will be enough to retain our place in the division.

To compound a pretty miserable night even the ‘football card’ was farcical, the winning team when revealed not even being on the actual ticket!!

Onwards and upwards (hopefully)