Tour 2016

This Years Tour of Inverness –  29 all met at the Waverley Station on Thursday morning to get the 10.35 Train arriving at Inverness at 2.10 with a very short walk to our Hotel, where all left there cases and went on a stroll to get the legs back into action for the night. Then it was of to the first game where our Hosts were Fraser Park,  a quick jog from hotel to the green was very refreshing as the game got started , It was the tourists that got of to a Flyer on a heavy green over 21 ends, the Bowlers took it in there stride winning the game with ease. It was back to  the  Hotel and into bed.  Friday the weather was still a little chilly but as the day wore on it got warmer. Being a night game some spent time in the gym and others went for a stroll in the city . The game at night was being played at Planefield’s so again a jog to the game and the muscles were back in trim.  The Tourists got of to a flyer so the keep fit part was working well, the game finished with a very good win once again, two down and two to go. Saturday the mist was over Inverness so it was advised that no one went out for a run before the game just relaxed in the Hotel Spa.  Our hearts were full of praise for all the rinks on the day were  doing very well. Jimmy Bathgate’s rink of Jimmy Martin ,Willie Robb, Grant Young doing great over the 17 end game 17 shots up, but for some reason were not the highest  a miss read card giving it to another rink, but all took the mistake as it should be done after all it was taking part that mattered. another victory . Sunday all went to Church in the morning. A quick jog  of to our last game at Inverness Highland, the vibes were “can we keep a clean sweep.  17 ends it was a roar that could be heard in Newcastle when we found out that the Tourists had done the clean sweep. The speech it was announced that Willie Robb had been here 26 years earlier and had split his trousers, he was asked to reply and duly did. Back to the hotel and the pressure of the team went out on the City to celebrate the clean sweep.  Monday morning was  up for breakfast then shopping, then the train Home.  The train leaving Inverness at 12.55 was on time but at the first stop it was not good news, we were told that it would be stopping at Perth as it was not in working order. A few choice words came from the Tourists, the 1 hour plus wait was not the finish we were expecting ( thanks Scotrail) it was announced that the next Tour would be to Newcastle in  September 2017. We would like to thank Burntisland, Bilston, Dudley, Wardie, Maitland, and the members of the Northern that took part a big Thank You. PICTURES IN GALLERY WILL UPLOADING OVER THE WEEK