Top 10 Defeat

Bainfield arrived at the Northern on Tuesday night for this Top 10 Clash and they went away with the spoils,

Stan done well to peg Craig Paterson back in the singles but eventually lost 21-13

In the pairs young Gordon and Garry Harrison had a very tight game on rink four and going into the last end we were 1 shot down but lying 2 shots, there skip trailed the Jack  with his last bowl and they got a 1 ending up two down for the home team,

Our Triple consisted of Stevie Raeburn,Andy Reid and Ian Miller and Ian was three shots down at the last end and had to play into the head to turn things which he did but wasnt enough and also ended up losing by a couple of shots,

The big positive to be taken out of the night was the Rink which Darren P led Our beloved President ( Gordon Wilson) was 2nd,Davy Scot 3rd and Jamie Reid skipped, big well done lads , won by about 13 shots.

Hard lines lads