The Kinnear 2 Bowl Final

This Years Finalist were Roy Campbell Vs Grant Young, for once the weather was kind a bit chilly but not as bad as it has been. It was Grant that stormed into a good lead leading 6- 0 after five ends ten ends saw the lead go to 11-2. Roy getting a 2,(0),2,2,1,1to get back into the game at 14-10. Grant replied with a 2,2 to lead 18-10the a run of 0,0,0,0,0,0,0, saw Roy getting ” Peels” at 18-18the twenty seventh end saw him get 2 shots go into the lead for the first time 18-20 next end Grant replied with a 1, 19-20 in the twenty ninth end Roy getting a 1 to get over the line. Great final played in the right spirit.