Senior Pairs Final

The First of the Senior Finals Brought together Bob Bain & Bobby Lee Vs Kenny Dixon & Tam Whitecross – It was the pairing of Bain and Lee the got off the starting blocks after two ends they were 5 up Dixon and Whitecross getting a 1 in the third making the score 5 -1 the forth end Bain and Lee got a 3 after a measure storming into a 8 – 1 lead followed buy a 1 giving them a very commanding start to the game ends 6 and 7 saw a comeback with Dixon & Whitecross getting 1,3, bringing the score to 9 – 5 ends 8 and nine saw each side get 1,1, then the Bain Lee combine got a 3,0,1 so after twelfth   end it was 14 -7 the warning lights were now flashing in the Dixon &Whitecross camp the next two ends saw the game finish with Bain & Lee getting a 2,5 to make it 21 -7 the hand shakes all round then the roar from the spectators said it all The Bain & Lee were just to good on the day but the game was played in the right spirit Congratulations to the winners.