Memories of 1954

Doon here we happily congregate

To mark a most important date

For oor auld Club still much alive

Has reached the age of 75!

‘Twas first to Perth Street it set foot 

But there it didna lang tak root. 

Syne up to Warriston it came

 to find a mair congenial hame.

Throughout the years of peace and strife

it served the purpose of its life.

And still today can justly claim 

with friendship strong it plays the game.

And so tonight Oor thoughts incline

To those guid lads of “seventy nine”

who, after much consideration,  

Gaed further east for recreation.

We’re pleased to say with truthfulness 

the change has met with great success. 

For where could we hae happier been 

Than on the charming Northern Green.

With Presidents we’ve been weel blest

Whose aim was aye to dae their best.

They served the Club with prudent care

And been a credit to the Chair.

To other posts those we’ve elected

Ha’e done as weel as was expected.

Their work performed with strict attention

Is surely worthy o Oor mention.

Of those on oor auld Roll of Fame

We feel that we can say the same. 

With concentration, care and skill.

To win, they proved they had the will

Like other Clubs we’re prood to say  

We welcome Rinks with us to play. 

And though we dinna beat them a’ 

Oor score is very seldom sma.

And so may we this friendship cherish

With the hope it ne’er will perish. 

Finding in each other merit

With the true and kindly spirit.

Noo let us hope and trust we may 

be privileged for lang to stay. 

And roll oor bools with pleasure keen

Upon the bonnie NORTHERN GREEN.