League week 9 2 XV1

Summer begins to show its face but the winter chill continues for the 2nds.

Corstorphine were last night’s visitors and on a muggy evening with the threat of rain in the air hopes were high that a home match might be just the thing required for the beleaguered team. Sadly it was misplaced hopes yet again with, despite Hugh Hilson’s squad being first off with a win, the match result of a 7-2 loss said it all.

Phil Rae and his lads made a good fight of it ultimately losing on the last end. ROC’s team (not him) battled hard and had a wee chance when lying 6 on the 3rd last end but the opposing skip managed to get in for 2nd and the game then just petered out for the home side. Bob Lee’s rink looked to be well beaten conceding 22 shots for a reply of 8.

Hugh Hilson rink got a good break in the last end with the score15 – 16 against Jimmy Martin Trailed the jack and then it was who ditched it would win with four bowls on banking it was Northern that go a 18 – 15 win

Maybe it is just the wee breaks that are missing, maybe it is the team mix, maybe we are simply not good enough. Tables don’t lie. We are now 10 points away from 3rd bottom and only 5 games left. It will take a huge effort from the guys to achieve safety but it needs to be done.