League Week 2 2xv1

The ” Eagles” landed in Corstorphine for league match on a dry but nice night hoping to better the previous result . One of last weeks hero’s Allan Mitchell’s rink with one forced change saw them swoop into the lead after 13 ends 17 – 1 next two ends saw them lose 1,1 making the score 17-3 Allan’s rink getting a 2 at the second last end score 19-3 and Corstorphine winning the last with 1 shot final score 19-4.

The Grinder from last week could not get running at all Roy Campbell “s rink were under the cosh from the very first end and the story didn’t get any better only winning 4 ends out of the 17 going down 4-24.

Last Week Ronnie Mc Donald’s rink were under the weather and looking for a better result this week . After 5 ends they were 3-6 down . Ends 6/7 saw 1,4 in favour of Northern jumping into a two shot lead only to be pulled back to peels again after ten ends Corstorphine got into a run of 1,1,1,3,1 to go into a 15-9 lead with three ends to play with another twist in the game and a 4,3,1finish to get  a 17-15 winning score.

Craig Snodgrass was given the honour of being skip and the game was close after 8 ends only 3 shots down but the ground opened up and they went from 4-7 to 9-15 after 13 ends getting back to 13-15 with three to play losing 1,3,1 and the final score 13-20 . Highlight of the Night The Weather was dry.