E.B.L. Fours

Congratulations to Larry Sorrell, Alec Young ,Grant Young, and Roy Campbell. On winning the Edinburgh Bowling League Fours. against Parkside. Getting of to a good start with a 2,1, the third end saw Parkside get a 1, followed by a 7 to lead 8-3 the next two ends saw Norther get 1,1,and Parkside replying with a 1,in the seventh end making the score 9-5 in favour of Parkside the next three ends saw Northern get a 1,1,5, turning the score in to Northern leading by 9-12 . End eleven saw Parkside get a 2, to make the score 11-12.Next four ends saw Northern take 1,1,3,1, to make the score 11-18. with two ends to go Northern were in the driving seat Parkside getting a 2,1. Making the final score 14-18 . The Eagles were flying home victors against a very sporting Parkside .