2nd XV1 Vs Bainfield

With Holidays in full swing one or two faces were missing from last week, Jim Prentice, Bobby Lee, Mike Morrison and Bob Bain leading 8-1 after five ends, end 10 came with the lead being stretched to 18-4 with the Rink getting the all inclusive EIGHTon the ninth, end 15 saw them again getting a massive lead of 25-6 finishing up with a 2 at the seventeenth making the score 27- 7.George Prentice, Davie Reid, Ronnie Scott and Kenny Lawrence got 2-0-0-2-3 after five ends the score 7-7 end ten saw them stretch there lead to 15-9 after fifteen ends 19-11, and a 1 at the last end making the score 20-12( scoring 13 of the 17 ends ) . Jimmy Bathgate skipping Jimmy Martin, Callum Anderson, and Robert Bell after 5 ends saw the Northern 3-7 down after 10ends 8-8 fifteen ends saw them cruising into a 17-9 lead scoring a 1 at the last end score 18-11.James Watson , Dave Smith,Alec Young, Keith Smith had a 7-3 lead after five ends but after 10 ends they were 11-14 down fifteen ends saw the 14 – 18 and losing a 3 at the last going down 17-21 final score.