2nd XV1 Vs Bainfield

Sunshine on Bainfield as the Eagles looking for a good result. The draw saw R3 Jimmy Bathgate , Davie Reid, Jim McKenna , and Bob Bain, after nine ends the score was 5-5 but moving the gears getting a 4(0)(0)1,51,1,(0) with some very good drawing shots with the form Skip Towin17-9.R4 Roy Campbell, Mike Morrison, Bobby Lee, and Kenny Lawrence, 3-6 down after five ends the sixth end saw the mat going up the green and it suited Northern getting a 1,1,1,2,1,(0)2 to lead 11-8 after twelve ends a solid finish off (0)4,1,3,(0) making the final score 19-10. R5 saw James Watson, Alex Young, Jim Prentice, James Watson, taking a 5-2 lead after five ends ten ends saw the lead jump to 12-3 fifteen ends 13-12 with two ends to play saw 1,1 making the score 15-12.R6 saw Mike Burns, Ronnie Scott, Ian Macdonald, Jimmy Martin, having a seesaw game after five ends the score was 5-5 ten ends saw Bainfield take a 12-14 lead fifteen ends saw the game “peels” at 16-16 a (1) (1) but both Ronnie Scott touching the jack but still the shot was against and Mike Burns had a bowl very close but no luck final score 16-18 . final match score 67-49 a much needed 7-2 points win. Below are some shots from the game.