2nd XV1 Vs Bainfield

The Sunshine on Warriston was the order of the day. Rink one saw Bob Bain, Willie Robb, Alan Ross, Jimmy Bathgate. down 2-5 after five ends, but a 3,0,3,2,0. saw a 10-7 lead after ten ends, after fiveteen ends there leads was 17-12. end sixteen getting a 4 and losing a 1 at the last making the score 21-13 all played there part when needed. Said Jimmy B. Rink 3 saw Kenny Lawrence, Mike Morrison, Davy Reid, James Watson.leading 7-2 after five ends. after ten it was 12-4. Then a run of 0,0,0,0,0. the score now read 12-15 getting 1,1, on the last two ends final score 14-15 it was disappointing to lose such a good lead a spokesperson said.Rink 4 Jim McKenna, John Watson, Jim Martin. Allan Mitchell. After nip and tuck it was all square after five ends at 4-4 after ten ends it was Bainfield that led 7-11 fiveteen ends saw the home rink get there nose in front14-13 getting a 1,2 making the final score 17-13 a spokesperson said they were happy with the Skips performance. Rink 5 saw Gary Largue, Alex Young, Ronnie Scott, Roy Campbell. Peels after five ends at 4-4 ten ends saw the lead go to 15-6 but a run of 0,0,1,0,0,0,0. saw the game turn to 16-16. A hard draw at the finish a spokesperson said. Final score 68-57 a good six points in a week played game.