2nd XV1 VCorstorphine

This game was a big one for both teams as they were at the wrong end of the League. R1 Roy Campbell, Bobby Lee, Mike Morrison, and Kenny Lawrence, the highlights of this game was in the first end when Bobby Lee played a great shot but it was the wrong Bias things got even worse losing 8-23. Winning four ends out of seventeen.R3 James Watson, Alex Young, Davie Reid, and Gary Largue. 4-2 up after five ends after ten ends the score stood at 8-9 the seven ends saw 2,(0)(0)2,2,(0)(0) making the final score 14-21.R4 saw Jimmy “Steady” Bathgate, Robbie Patterson, Jimmy McKenna, and Bob Bain. trailing 3-6 after five ends ten ends saw a nip and tuck 9-10finishing with a1, (0)(0)2,3, 1,1,but must mention the first bowl that Robbie Patterson played was in the class of Alex Marshall the whole rink shook his hand final score 17-14R5 with Mike Burns, Ronnie Scott,Ian Macdonald, and Jimmy Martin 5-3 up after five ends ten ends saw the lead go to five with a 9-4 lead but the run in saw 0,0,1,0,0,0,1making the final score 11-15. Congratulations must go to Corstorphine the 50 -73 victory but it is the trap door getting nearer for Northern.