2nd XV1 Vs Corstorphine

The Sun was shining again for the second weeks the teams went on the green. Rink 4 with Jimmy Martin, Davie Smith, Bobby Lee Allan Mitchell made a slow start in the game, after five ends trailing 2-7 ten ends the lead was still five shots reading 5-10. A bad run of 0,0,(3,2,)0,0,0,final score 10-17. Rink 5 saw the much inform skip Jimmy Bathgate, with I.Macdonald, Willie Robb, Allan Ross. The game was nip and tuck after five ends, 3-3. Ten ends 9-6 in favour of Northern, a run of 1,1,3,1,2(0),1 saw Jimmy Bathgate take his rink home19 – 7 with some very good play on his part, with the help from the rest of the rink.Rink 6 saw K.Lawrence, M.Morrison,R.Scott, James Watson five shots down after five ends ten ends saw them seven down with the score at 7-14 ends eleven and twelve saw 4,1making the score 12-14 looking for a tight finish but a run 0,0,0,0,(1) final score 13-21. Rink 7 saw Gary Largue, Alex Young, Jim Prentice, and Roy Campbell.jumimng into a 3 shot lead after five ends 5-2. After ten ends keeping the lead of two shots now showing 9-7 a 1 at the eleventh end saw a lead of three shots 10-7 then a run of 0,0,0,0, after fiveteen ends10-11 a 3 at the sixteenth end back in lead 13-11 but the loss of a two at the last final score 13-13. overall score on the night. Over all score 55-58, 3 points to Northern and 6 points to Corstorphine.