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2nd XV1 v Wardie

The rearranged game from last week’s monsoon, was played ninth right spirit through out. Both teams had a slight chance of saving themselvesfrom the drop but all was in vain. R2 saw Kenny Lawrence, Willie Robb, Davy Reid, and Roy Campbell. After five ends the score was 5-2 with the rink playing well with both hands swinging, ten ends saw Wardie take a 8-9 lead the next four ends saw 1,( 1)1,1,1, to get the lead back to 11-10. Then the shot of the night when a drive saw the jack go back about yard from ditch and a four shot advantage to Northern. making the score 15-10 the last two ends saw (0), 1. making the final score 16-11. R4 with Jimmy Martin, Ian Macdonald, Bobby Lee, and George Prentice. always up against it scoring only five ends of the seventeen final score 7-23. R5 Gary Largue, Dave Smith, Robbie Paterson and Jimmy Bathgate, after five ends the score was 2-7 ten ends saw the score 6-8 and the run in getting a (0),1,3,2,2,(0)3 making the final score 17-12. R6 Bob Bain, Alex Young, Jim Prentice, James Watson. leading 5-2 after five ends the score after ten ends was 10 ( Brodrick Crawford) 4. the run for home was 2,(0),(0),1,1,2,(0) final score 16-8 at first the score was read out as Wardie 56 Northern 57 but the Wardie skip made a counting error adding 15+ 1= 17 honesty from Northern saying it was 16-11 not 17-11 making the final score 56-56. total points 6.5 Northern and 2.5 Wardie. not enough to save the drop but after nine years in the top division the size of the Membership we can say “Didn’t We Do Well” so it is the Second Division next Season . A special thanks must go to former Member who has been at all of the games again this Season except tonight John Darrie we thank you for the support.

Published: August 12, 2019