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Bowls Scotland Senior Fours

Due to Seafield BC green being unplayable on Thursday the Semi Final of the Bowls Scotland Senior Fours will now be played on Monday 3rd June venue, Seafield at 2.00

Published: May 30, 2019

2nd XV1 v Tanfield

Apologies for no report as the cards were left in club only thing could say was the weather was as good as result. 2-7 down

Published: May 30, 2019

2019 League Week 5

Published: May 28, 2019

Bowls Scotland Senior Fours

The senior fours rink of J Martin , A Mitchell, R Campbell , J Bathgate. Are in the semi final of Bowls Scotland Senior Fours. The quarter final was a very close game against Dudley score was 10-9 J Bathgate played a great take out bowl to win the game. Semi final to be played at Seafield on 30th May at 2.00.

Published: May 24, 2019

2nd XV1 Vs Corstorphine

The Sun was shining again for the second weeks the teams went on the green. Rink 4 with Jimmy Martin, Davie Smith, Bobby Lee Allan Mitchell made a slow start in the game, after five ends trailing 2-7 ten ends the lead was still five shots reading 5-10. A bad run of 0,0,(3,2,)0,0,0,final score 10-17. Rink 5 saw the much inform skip Jimmy Bathgate, with I.Macdonald, Willie Robb, Allan Ross. The game was nip and tuck after five ends, 3-3. Ten ends 9-6 in favour of Northern, a run of 1,1,3,1,2(0),1 saw Jimmy Bathgate take his rink home19 – 7 with some very good play on his part, with the help from the rest of the rink.Rink 6 saw K.Lawrence, M.Morrison,R.Scott, James Watson five shots down after five ends ten ends saw them seven down with the score at 7-14 ends eleven and twelve saw 4,1making the score 12-14 looking for a tight finish but a run 0,0,0,0,(1) final score 13-21. Rink 7 saw Gary Largue, Alex Young, Jim Prentice, and Roy Campbell.jumimng into a 3 shot lead after five ends 5-2. After ten ends keeping the lead of two shots now showing 9-7 a 1 at the eleventh end saw a lead of three shots 10-7 then a run of 0,0,0,0, after fiveteen ends10-11 a 3 at the sixteenth end back in lead 13-11 but the loss of a two at the last final score 13-13. overall score on the night. Over all score 55-58, 3 points to Northern and 6 points to Corstorphine.

Published: May 22, 2019

May 27th and 31st

The Club requires markers and/ umpires for games next week May 27th and 31st. the list is on the board. If you can assist by attending anything please do so. Do not assume that the dates are covered, they are not. for personal reasons the Match Sec is unavailable. PLEASE DON’T LEAVE IT TO THE SAME MEMBERS ALL THE TIME GIVE YOUR CLUB A LITTLE HELP.

Published: May 20, 2019

2019 League Week 4

Published: May 17, 2019

1st 16s Vs Maitland away

Slow start to the season so far & another difficult game , this time against Maitland BC who have been very consistent in recent years, On R6 1 was Gordon Wilson Snr & a welcome return of Mike Burns skipped by James Barr,the 4th member of this rink never turned up so they were always going to struggle losing a quarter of their score & they never quite got going but not for the lack of effort of these three bowlers, R5 saw Graeme Prentice,Walter Murray,Andy Reid and Ian Miller have a good game against a decent Maitland rink whose Skip it seemed could do no wrong on the night, R4 saw Skip young Gogs lead his troops , Ewan , Grant & Gaz H in a yo yo game, unfortunately losing a 4 and a 5 in the middle of this game was enough to make the difference and eventually after a hard fought last end which could easily have went either way the opposition were happy to lose a one at this end but win the game by a shot,the Northern stars on this disappointing night were on R3 lead by Daz P, another welcome returnee John Young , 3rd Davy Scott & valliantly Skipped by Jamie Reid, pretty tight game all the way here, at the last end Maitland had the advantage with a 2 shot lead but after a brilliant last end from all our lads we won the end with a terrific 3 and a very welcome 2 points, great effort all the Northern lads, Big game next week against our fellow strugglers Brunstane at the Northern.

Published: May 16, 2019

2nd XV1 Vs Bainfield

The Sunshine on Warriston was the order of the day. Rink one saw Bob Bain, Willie Robb, Alan Ross, Jimmy Bathgate. down 2-5 after five ends, but a 3,0,3,2,0. saw a 10-7 lead after ten ends, after fiveteen ends there leads was 17-12. end sixteen getting a 4 and losing a 1 at the last making the score 21-13 all played there part when needed. Said Jimmy B. Rink 3 saw Kenny Lawrence, Mike Morrison, Davy Reid, James Watson.leading 7-2 after five ends. after ten it was 12-4. Then a run of 0,0,0,0,0. the score now read 12-15 getting 1,1, on the last two ends final score 14-15 it was disappointing to lose such a good lead a spokesperson said.Rink 4 Jim McKenna, John Watson, Jim Martin. Allan Mitchell. After nip and tuck it was all square after five ends at 4-4 after ten ends it was Bainfield that led 7-11 fiveteen ends saw the home rink get there nose in front14-13 getting a 1,2 making the final score 17-13 a spokesperson said they were happy with the Skips performance. Rink 5 saw Gary Largue, Alex Young, Ronnie Scott, Roy Campbell. Peels after five ends at 4-4 ten ends saw the lead go to 15-6 but a run of 0,0,1,0,0,0,0. saw the game turn to 16-16. A hard draw at the finish a spokesperson said. Final score 68-57 a good six points in a week played game.

Published: May 15, 2019

1st XVIs Vs Carricknowe

Week 2 of the EBL 1st XVIs league saw us heading up to Carricknowe who joined the EBL 4 yrs ago and have since won divisions 5,4,3 and Runners up in Div 2, the weather for this league match was not looking too good as it had been raining all day, considering the weather the pace of the green was in good nick, with the 1st 5 ends played we only had 1 rink up,young Gordon & his troops were 8-1 up but unfortunately the other 3 rinks were the reverse for the home team, Our 4 skips on the night James Barr,Jamie Reid,Ian Miller & Young Gogs were all up against it tonight to go to Carricknowe and try and come away with something, & the weather was not doing much to help matters, it was cold miserable and rained the whole game not really what a summer sport is all about but it was the same conditions for both teams, two of our teams eventually lost by a few shots & the other 2 by a few more, hard day at the office, lesson learned, onwards & upwards , things can only get better, heads up lads.

Published: May 15, 2019