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The Bobby Loch

16 members turned up to play the Bobby Loch 3 Bowl Singles competition. A far cry from its early days when we played over two Sundays! Lack of numbers notwithstanding however a good day was had by all. The players were drawn in to 4 sections playing 3 games of 6 ends each. At the end of qualifying ROC, Jim Bathgate, Craig Snodgrass and Allan Mitchell made it to the semi-finals. JB was well beaten on a tricky rink 6 and ROC fell to Craig Snodgrass in 5 ends. The final was comfortably won by Allan Mitchell who retained the trophy he had also won last year. Hopefully next year will see a larger entry for one of the best trophies in the club.

Published: July 27, 2015

League Week 12 (2nd XV1)

A big night for the Northern with Maitland visiting and the chance to close the gap and lift our hopes of survival.
Changes were forced on the team late on with Hugh Hilson having to call off and being replaced with Keith Smith as a debut skip and Willie Robb also being called into the squad. The game got under way in ideal conditions in this very strange ‘summer’ of rain for most of the days and the evenings being relatively pleasant.

Allan Mitchell’s lads got the NBC off to a flier with a 10 shot victory (20-10) and he was quickly followed by the debut boy who brought his boys home with a 17-9 win. ROC’s guys got over the line with a 17-13 victory and Stan Christie’s team battled hard to follow suit only to fall to a 2 shot loss (12-14).

A resounding 7-2 home win which has closed the gap on that 6th spot, and league safety, to a single point. There is still a lot of work to do to get that required spot but with our next game also at home we can go into that with some confidence but certainly no complacency.

Next game v WILLOWBRAE at NBC on AUG 5th

Published: July 23, 2015

New Northern Green Bankings

Hi Guy’s , respectful request from our Esteemed President,

I’m sure your all aware that we are pursuing prices and getting estimates for the various tasks involved in doing the Green banking’s etc,  this is still not as yet a fore gone conclusion but for anyone who Gordon has not managed to get a letter to yet or speak to personally,  he and the committee are asking all members if you are going to be willing to donate some time and effort into doing the various laboring tasks that will be required if we go ahead with this project, also what you can afford to donate if anything to help improve your club, we do appreciate we have had to ask our members to donate to a few schemes over the past few years Gents and our guys always have been very generous, and it is much appreciated, but at the end of the day it is us who will benefit from it , it is our club ( THIS IS THE NORTHERN ) 

Can you all speak to Gordon, many thanks in advance

Published: July 23, 2015

League week12 (1st XV1)

A short trip in a North Westerly direction to Maitland for the 3rd last game of the season and one to quickly forget as only really Jamie’s rink and Tubby’s deserve pass marks for two near misses,

Jim Bathgate was on R2 and with Richie Newall at Lead Craig Snoddy 2nd and Larry at 3rd they had a shout right up until the last bowl , 1 shot down at the last end and a couple down JB took the paint off the jack with his 1st effort but unfortunately didn’t look at the white with his 2nd and finished up 4 down.

Wee Gogs and the young Dream team on R3 and again we didn’t give the young man much play he played a couple of crackers over the piece but for myself ,Big Gogs and Davy Scott the message is must try harder.

Andy Reid was on R4 and was really up against it playing a very decent Maitland rink but also another change to his rink saw Kenny Lawrence come in for his 1st game as a 16s player ( Big well done Kenny ) Reliable Walter at lead and Big George at 3rd, Our guys well under the cosh here but they rallied and got a few shots on the board.

Lastly Young Jamie on R5 was a very tense affair right up until the last bowl,Our Club Champion Grant Young at lead,Bob Bain at 2nd and Young Dazza at 3rd, forgive me if I get the numbers slightly wrong but I think the 2nd last end 2 down and lying 3 shots their skip drew shot to go into the last end 3 up and at the last end we were lying 4 and another fine draw  with his  last bowl from the Maitland skip gave the home team the honours and Maitland have turned the tables on us after we did the same thing to them at the Northern, so a 9-0 defeat it is for this one for the second week in a row ,let’s get rallying guys.

Only good news from the night came from hearing the results of the other games which took place tonight

Parkside 9 Leith 0, Berry 9 Summerside 0 and the other game Craiggy 2 Hillside 7, so Parkside have a small cushion of six and a half points going into the last 2 , with the break next week for the Scottish so the next league fixture is not until the 5th of August, think our friends from Granton may fancy their chances against Craiggy and Parky their last 2,and Parky have a tricky one against Maitland next,

So with the result of these games in place it means unfortunately Summerside and Leith are now officially relegated.

More good news on the night came from the Northern in the shape of a 7-2 win against Maitland from the 2nd XV1s, big well done lads, gives our boys a fighting chance of survival with 2 games to go.

Next game v Leith at Leith  on AUG 5th

Published: July 23, 2015

Week 11 1st XVI

Our opponents tonight Queensberry have had the spoils in our encounters so far this year and after the visit down to Granton a few weeks ago and last Friday nights Edin Cup match we are yet to record a winning rink against them yet,however our recent league form has been reasonably good and we welcomed Queensberry with reserved confidence.

Jamie skipped Grant Young,Ian McDonald and Daz Prentice on R3 and it was tough going from the off, our guys were on the end of a sore one here,

Young Gogs skipped Garry Harrison,Gordon Wilson Snr & Davy Scott on R4 and we just never got into the game even at the last end we were actually 1 shot up but none of us knew how this happened because we certainly didn’t deserve it and with Frank O’Reillys last bowl draw for 2 we got what we deserved,a big fat O.

Jim Bathgate skipped Richie Newall,Allan Mitchell and Larry Sorrel on R5 and they seemed to get off to a good start but were pegged back and once again the Queensberry skip seemed to have all the answers,defeat No 3.

Possibly the surprise result of the night but a very welcome win came on R1, with Ian Miller away on holiday Andy Reid was promoted to skip, Steve Raeburn,Walter Murray  and Big George all played their part against a very decent Queensberry 4,and the lads got of to a great start and never let up, great win lads well done.

Congratulations to Queensberry on your win and Good Luck from all at the Northern in your Edin Cup final.


Published: July 16, 2015

Week 11 2nd XV1

On, probably, the best weather night of the bowling season so far and that with only 4 games left it was up to close neighbours Tanfield and the chance to build on last week’s success against Summerside. Stan Christie’s rink got the guys off to a winning start but that was countered by Hugh Hilson’s narrow defeat. Phil Rae’s squad got our noses back in front but the real drama was unfolding on Rink 3. ROC’s rink had looked comfortable at 11-4 up but could not cope with the short jack tactic and found themselves 7 down with only two to play. Somehow the boys conjured up a 6 at the penultimate end but that seemed a forlorn effort as our hosts lay 4 with only ROC’s last bowl to come. And come it did to smack the white out of the rink and burn the end. If truth be told what ROC really wanted was to spring the jack a yard to his left to collect a 3 but the guys were just happy to still be in the game. At the replayed end the white was ditched and Jim Prentice drew to within a foot for the NBC to lie 2. ROC was now in a quandary, draw another or try and block the approach? In the end he did neither, both his bowls falling short and leaving the path clear for the opposing skip who managed to draw the 2nd shot for a game peel. However it was a very welcome 6-3 overall win. We now close to within 6 points of Maitland who visit the Northern next week. Onwards and, hopefully, upwards!

Published: July 16, 2015

Top 5 Top boys

Brilliant result with a great win against Sigthill BC,

Ian Miller is the new Flying Scotsman having tucked his opponent away in about 45 mins winning 21-3,and all the Northern lads rubbing their heads and their eyes seeing last bowl Miller off 1st by a country mile,

Next off with Davy ( ive definitely chucked it ) Scott, and on this occasion he defo hadn’t chucked it, Davy’s opponent found the tricky R6 a tad better than him and this one was a 21-9 defeat,

Peels at 1, 2 games down.

Next off was Jamie, and after sitting pretty at 19-13 up Jamie started to feel the heat as his opponent hit back with a 4 and a 2 to peel at 19,

Jamie regained his composure and a huge sigh off relief went around the Northern as Jamie picked up a 2 at the next winning 21-19,

Young Gogs was playing a blinder on R5 against the Sighthill Top dog and got to about 17-3 up and just took his foot of the pedal a little,his opponent lengthened the white and gained a few shots but Young Gordon( it is  Sunday) closed out with 2 brilliant draws coming back towards the clubhouse to win his tie and effectively finish Sighthill off,

Andy Reid was playing a tight game on R1 but his opponent always seemed to be 1 step ahead, as the game on R5 ended and the match ended as a contest they finished the end and decided to proceed, Andy’s opponent picked up another couple of shots and with the next end being very tight again but Andy lying 2 shots the Sighthill man drove and burn’t the end and both players decided to shake hands and both their records stay in check giving the Northern a 3-1 victory.

Our next round opponents will be, Carricknowe.

Anyway great team effort lads onwards and upwards.

Published: July 13, 2015

Edinburgh Cup Exit

Very disappointing night for all concerned at the Northern tonight,all six rinks beaten at home and away, our opponents had all the answers,  no-one from the Northern really turned up tonight with any great effect either at home or away and therefore no one will be getting a mention tonight,

So let’s get the heads back up lads the Top 5 lads are at home this Sunday for a 3pm start against Sighthill and both 16s still have 4 important games left in the league, more-so the 2nds so let’s get the atmosphere lifted lads and drive for as many points as possible it would be a remarkable feat for the 2nds to remain in the 1st Div  with our current position,

Best wishes to our opposition tonight for the final  Queensberry just toooo good for us tonight, they play the winners of Tanfield V Bainfield.

Published: July 10, 2015

League week 10 2XV1

At last, light at the end of the tunnel …. With things beginning to look desperate the 2nds went into last night match 7 points behind their Summerside opponents and knowing this was the match they simply had to win. And what a win it was. The 7-2 result closing the gap to 2 points and putting us 8 points away from the safety spot. Wins for the rinks of Phil Rae and Hugh Hilson were added to by ‘new recruit’ Stan Christie and his squad and only ROC’s last foot short bowl prevented his four getting a win and an overall whitewash. Great result on the night and now on to Tanfield next Wednesday. There is an opportunity to close the 8 point distance with our hosts and with Maitland, who now occupy 3rd bottom spot, to visit the NBC the following week that light might just be little brighter …. hopefully it is not a train (being Edinburgh, should that be tram?) coming the other way!!

Published: July 9, 2015

League Week 10 1st XV1s

First XV1s travelled the short journey East to Summerside full of confidence with that nice Northern winning feeling about the club which wee seem to have had the last few seasons around this time,

With Summerside struggling a bit at the bottom of the table full concentration and effort was the required  order of the day,

and a good night it was to be with only Ian Millers rink losing after the opposing skip had played a good bowl but got a very fortunate result and picked up a three to win by a shot, Unlucky Ian and the lads,

But great victories for Jim Bathgate, Jamie Reid and Young Gogs got a great win which included a maximum * count,

Back at the Northern the 2nds have won 7-2 as-well, FANTASTIC LADS

Great win Lads now lets make it a Big Team effort against Queensberry on Friday


Published: July 8, 2015