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End Of Season Rush

Triples draw is now on the website The first round is to be played by 31st August. Also, the Charlie  Kinnear 2 bowl draw is also up in clubhouse,

Published: August 21, 2018

Senior League knockouts Pairs and Singles

Mike Morrison and Ronnie Scott are through to the senior league pairs final having beaten Willowbrae on an extra end. John Newall was beaten in the singles semi final. The final will be played at Leith on the 23rd August at 1.30  all welcome

Published: August 17, 2018

It’s Over

As the song say’s “Its Over” going into last game with a chance of winning League, was wiped out with a dissapointing 8-1 defeat at Craigentinny. on a very good and fast green only the rink of Jimmy McKenna,  Davy Smith Keith Smith and Skip Alex Ross got a result with a well fought draw leading 10-5 after five ends then ten ends saw the score 13-12 end  fifteen score all square at 15-15 last two ends 1,0,(2). final score 17-17. Bob Bain , Bobby Lee, Roy Campbell, and Jim Prentice got of to a flyer after five ends leading 6-1 but then for the next six ends the scoring went 0,0,0,0,0,0,and Craigentinny taking a 6-10 lead. Northern getting 1(0)3,2,(0)(0)making final score 12-15 .Jimmy Bathgate’s rink of Jimmy Martin, Alex Young, and George Prenticewere always having backs against the wall only winning 7 of the seventeen ends finally going down 12-19.  Kenny Lawrence, Ronnie Scott, Davie Reid, and James watson were winning 4-2 after five ends, and ten ends still leading 8-7 next three ends saw Northern getting a 0,0,0,and there lead now gone with the score 8-10 closing ends saw 1,(0)2,(0)1.finishing 12-14 . Total score Northern 53  –  Craigentinny 65. after a not bad season and a very good shot difference of 109.still not enough to winn the League so it is congratulations to Queensberry finishing Champions and it is ” Always look on the Bright Side ” for Northern . A  final thanks to all who played there part in this season campaign and please remember that  although the League has finished the club will be open all year and would be nice to see some Members faces through the winter months.

Published: August 9, 2018

EBL Singles semi final @ Edinburgh West End

Young Gordon Wilson playing Thursday( 9/8/2018 ) in the Semi final of the Edinburgh Bowling League Singles at West End BC against Jimmy Hutchison of Goldenacre, this should be a cracker so come out and support Young Gogs our last representative in this competition.

Published: August 9, 2018

1st 16s Vs Craiggy @ Northern

Last game of the season against the new Division 1 Champions,and they turned up for this last game with an unrecognizable 1st 16 team with several players away on holiday and nothing at stake, John Urquahart and James Barr were the only ones to come out of this one with pass marks for the Northern,Ian Miller had a reasonably close game and Young Gogs and Co were turned over big style,so we finish the season with a 5-4 defeat, not the worst season ever though as we have ended up in 5th place with Brunstane just below us and Tanfield and Summerside falling through the trap door into Div 2,

Congratulations to Div 1 winners Craigentinny,

and next year we welcome Carricknowe into Div 1 for the 1st time and also Postal,

Well done to the Northern lads,and well done to the seconds who were runners up in Div 1. 

Published: August 9, 2018

1st 16s Vs Summerside Away

Penultimate game of the season  and probably the least said about this one the better,a lot of call offs for this game and varying excuses as to why we struggled to put out a 1st and 2nd 16 this week,understandable that the 1st 16s were safe but the seconds are right in the mix for winning the 1st Division,well done to the selectors for begging stealing and borrowing and after being on the phone most of the day thanks also to the guys who maybe haven’t been playing in the teams recently but turned out to help us fulfill both of these games,only thing to be said about the 1st 16s, this game did have a lack luster feel to it  and possibly Summerside were more up for it than us at the business end where it counted, and they did need the points I think 3 of these games were tight right up to the last end  but they had a great home win 9-0 and we left with nothing, well done Summerside,

Last game next week at home against this years Division 1 winners Craiggy.

Published: August 5, 2018

Second XV1 Vs Carrick Knowe

On the usual summer night when the wetsuits were required Northern welcomed Carrick Knowe for the penultimate  game of the season Rink one saw Alan Ross, Alex Young, Jimmy Porter, and Davie Smit leading 5-3 after five ends  three shots in it after ten ends 9-6 ends eleven to fifteen saw them get  1,3,2(2) 1.  To lead 16-10losing a one at the last making the final score 16-10Rink four saw the return of Mike Burns back in the fold after a shoulder injury with Davy Reid, Ronnie Scott Kenny Lawrence after five ends were 6-4 up next five ends saw them moving through the gears to get a 1,1,3,2,3 to lead 16-4 . fifteen ends 18-9 sixteen getting a 1, and in the last end losing a 1 making the final score 19-10. Rink 3 saw Jim Prentice, Bobby Lee, Mike Morrison, and Bob Bain . getting a (0)3,3,1(0) after five to lead 7-6 then ends six to thirteen saw a purple patch 2,2,2,2,1,4,2 to lead 23-6 ends 14,15,16,17 saw 0,0,0,0losing a 2,2,1,3. making the final score 23-14. Last off the Green was Jimmy Bathgate, Robert Bell, Willie Robb, and Jimmy Martin who were 3-4 down after five ends, after ten ends 5-11 the last seven ends saw a 1,1(0)1,1,1,1 to lose narrowly 11-12. Final score 69-46 to Northern with the sixteen that played tonight were all winners after all the call offs the Club had . Last game next Wed Away to Craigentinny with the light still glowing in tunnel still in with a shout.

Published: August 1, 2018

Ayr 2018 second day

After a fine win in the first game of the day “The Boys” went in to the second game against Gordon after three ends the score was even at 3-3 end five saw Northern take a 8-4 advantage. ends six seven and eight saw the score 8-9 to Gordon next two ends  saw Northern get a 3, 2 .To take the score to 13-9 in favour of Northern, the next six ends was a disaster losing a 6,1,1,3,2,2,to make the final score 13-24 to Gordon. Andy Reid, Gordon Wilson (Sen) Jamie Reid have done the Club proud.  Would also  like to thank all the supporters who have followed them from the start of the first game through to the district finals, and to the Quarter Final your support was greatly appreciated.

Published: July 27, 2018

Senior Pairs Final 2018

On A sun filled green the above final was played and it was a close encounter all the way with the score at 9-9 after twelve ends but the partnership of Mike Morrison and John Newall came out the victors getting a 4,1,1. In the last three ends making the final score15-9. Congratulations to the Winners and commiserations to the losers

Published: July 26, 2018

Ayr 2018


Published: July 26, 2018