Game Reports

1st 16s Vs Parkside

1st 16s welcomed Parky down to the Northern on an overcast night,all started of tight and cadgy, half way through it was still the same with Young Gordon and his squad quite comfortable and Jamie a couple up, James Barr and his lads were struggling a bit,and Ian Miller’s lot were pretty nip and tuck when after 10 ends it was 5-6 to the away side, James Barr on rink 5 after getting a few shots ahead ended up being narrowly beaten,after being the Northern hero’s last week, next off was Gog’s,Auld Gog’s,Pres Grant and Garry H with a great win against  Scottish triples winning skip Paul Vietch, next off with another 2 points to the Northern after a very tight game was Jamie,Mitch Jim P and John Urq, last off was Midnight Miller,Andy Reid,Walter and Jimmy McKenna, Fantastic 7-2 win for the Big team, Big well done lads, Also our best wishes go to the Parkside triple who are heading down south next week to take part in the British Isles Championships.

Published: June 21, 2018

1st 16s Vs Craiggy

Week 7 and the half way stage a hard away game to Craiggy and it was a tough day at the office for our lads today only team coming out of this game with points for the Northern was James Barr and his squad of Craig Snodgrass,John Young , Young Daz and of course James great 2 points lads well done,Ian Miller and squad were unlucky having been in front most of the way when the Craiggy skip took our bowl out the head with just a couple of ends to play to score a 6  but were still unlucky last couple of ends, for Jamie and Young Gogs  and squads just one to forget lads, we look forward to welcoming Parky down to the Northern next to get a few extra points on the board and keep the Wolves at bay so to speak.

Published: June 18, 2018

2nd XV1 vs Craigentinny

Back to usual Wednesday night blowing wind and rain. The Seconds entertained Craigentinny who came topping the League, after the call offs James Watson and Larry Sorrell.  Northern Started like greyhound’s out of the traps, after five ends they were 23- 12 up and the score kept going and after ten ends it was 42- 22 with Roy Campbell’s rink Jimmy Martin, Alex Young, Jim Prentice and R.O.C.13-4 but the rink of Davy Smith , Willie Robb, John Newall 12- 2 up Jimmy Bathgate’s rink making a good progress to lead 10-8 and George Prentice rink Bob Bain, Davy Reid, Ian MacDonald only 1 shot down 7-8 things were looking ok. But after fifteen ends Craigentinny pulled it back to nine shots in the game. the first off the green was Roy and his rink who fell 15-18, after 17 ends saw Jimmy Bathgate storming to a 20-9 victory, George Prentice losing by seven shots and Keith Smith rink 22-9  a good night finishing with a 5-4 Victory with keeps the wolf from the door away next week to Parkside.

Published: June 13, 2018

1st 16s Vs Summerside

A good 6 points earned tonight against a stuffy Summerside, Young Gogs having a good game tonight and getting the 1st 2 points, Ian Miller,Andy Reid ,Walter and Graham were struggling at the start and were a few down but ended up comfortable winners in the end, John Urqhart drafted in to skip tonight with Jamie held back at work in a high flying multi million pound litigation case,the boys were struggling again early doors but fought thier way back and got a 4 at the second last end to get them to within two, and on the last end were lying 4 shots and a match win position until the skip drifted in with his last bowl to get 2nd shot and secure Summerside thier 1st points, lastly James Barr and squad again were a few shots down early on and ended up nip and tuck last two ends finishing with a peel and getting us a 3 pointer away from them at the fight at the bottom, great victory lads all points hard fought for and none more so than heading for Craiggy next week down at thier patch.

Published: June 6, 2018

2XV1 Vs Carrick Knowe

After the changes the team  and a  few  sweaty bums due to an accident on Ferry road a few players were late at arriving, but after they settled down they got up through the gears to take a very convincing 7-2 victory the only rink to go down was Roy Campbell and that was in the last end. So going away from home and getting a very  good result might be the start of something good.

Published: June 6, 2018

Friday 1st June

Just been told that President Grant is holing a Fundraiser on Friday 1st June no further details available.

Published: May 31, 2018

Bowls Scotland Semi/Final

The Northern Fours fall at the Semi/Final as well as pairs, and Triples.

Published: June 10, 2017

Week 14 2ndXV1

Did that really happen!

What a night!. What an end to the season!.

Up to Hillside for the last match and in the favourites position for the drop. However the boys were up for this one and got into the game right from the off. ROC’s lads got off to a flier getting 4 shots on the board in the first two ends only to drop a 2 and 4 to go behind. However a recovered 4 set them on their way and they pulled away to record a 22-7 win. Allan Mitchell’s lads stormed to a very comfortable win and the drama unfolded on rink 4 where Phil Rae’s guys held a good lead only to see it whittled back to one up playing the last. Hughie Hilson popped a beauty on the white and although the opposing skip got close with his deliveries Phil did not have to play his last bowl and recorded a two shot win. The only reverse was a battling defeat for Stans rink out on 5.

The drama was not done yet though. Hillside had needed a 5-4 win to take the title but news of Craigentinny’s 5-4 win over Maitland threw dark clouds over both the home and away camps the Northern needing to better Maitlands score to remain in the division. Frantic counting, many phone calls and all was revealed. The Northern stayed up courtesy of a better shots difference! Still the drama was not over as it was revealed that Corstorphine’s 9-0 thrashing of Tanfield, decided on a measure on the very last end, gave them the points they needed to complete a remarkable night and them the title.

Congratulations to Corstorphine on their achievement.

And a big well done to all who played in the NBC 2nds this year. It has been a struggle at times but we are still in the top flight and can look forward to another challenge next year!

Published: August 15, 2015

Jack Christie 2 Bowls Triples

The Jack Christie Triples  got a nice day for a change all players were full of good spirits. A long day brought Garry Harrison, Gordon Wilson jun, and Gavin Smith  in the final playing Mike Drummond, Larry Sorrell, and Davie Scott.. Davy Scott the forgotten man thought he was playing with Allan Mitchell but he got someone  else to play so the final was played and the triple of Mike Drummond, Larry Sorrell, and Davie Scott. came out winning 8-7 Congratulations to the Winners and all who played .

Published: August 10, 2015

Week 13 2nd XV1

This weeks’ report took a little while to compile as the writer had to compose himself after the fiasco of Wednesday evening. In a match that the 2nds were desperate to win the rain, which has held sway through most days of the season but left the evening bowlers largely alone, finally arrived and with a vengeance.
In horrible conditions the match was halted in very confusing circumstances when the captain of the visitors slipped and declared that he was finished playing for the evening. There ensued much confusion in the NBC ranks as to whose role it was to declare the green playable or not. In the end a general acceptance appeared to be made that the game was over and the sodden players all trooped off. At the point of ending the NBC had 3 rinks up and what appeared to be a very welcome 7-2 victory. However, as no one, not least your writer, could interpret the rule for halted matches, much discussion ensued as to the correct result, in fact, so much so that 2 separate total score scenarios were read out whilst we awaited confirmation from the league as to the correct outcome. Ultimately, owing to the prevailing league rules, the scores were backtracked to the 11th end. This transferred 2 points to the visitors and a 5-4 win was recorded.
With other results going against the team we have to record a substantially better score than our nearest rivals in our last match and hope that it will be enough to retain our place in the division.

To compound a pretty miserable night even the ‘football card’ was farcical, the winning team when revealed not even being on the actual ticket!!

Onwards and upwards (hopefully)

Published: August 7, 2015