Game Reports

1st 16s Vs Maitland away

Last Wednesday night saw us travel west to the Maitland and this shall be a short and not so sweet report, well done to our opponents who beat us on all rinks and a resounding 9-0 defeat the first of those for a long time, but lets shake it of and get back to normal business next week with a home tie against our nearest rivals Tanfield and we need a good result to keep them at bay.

Published: July 8, 2018

Edinburgh Cup Semi Final Vs Carrick Knowe

A sun drenched Carrick Knowe welcomed the Northern on Semi Final night with three rinks Away and three at Home. George Prentice’s rink of Jimmy Martin, John Newall, Andy Reid.  After five ends saw Northern trail by 3-6 ten ends saw the lead go to 8-12 end fortune getting a 4 to make the score peels at 16-16 finishing with a 1,1 to win the game 18-17 Northern 1 game up. Jamie Reid’s Rink of Graeme. Prentice, Allan Mitchell, John Urquhart. Trailing 3-5 after five ends. with Carrick Knowe getting a 4,3,1,0,2 to go 10-19 up after fifteen ends. losing a 1,2. Final score 10-22. Match all square.Third Rink Skip James Watson, Davie Smith, Ronnie Scott, Larry Sorell.after five ends winning 5-1 after ten ends still leading by four shots 11-4  end fifteen saw Carrick Knowe get back to peels at 15-15losing a 2, in the second last end and drama in the last end where James had the last bowl moving the shot bowl but not enough. Final score 16-17.Away score 44-56 in favour of Carrick Knowe. The Home game on R1 was James and his squad against Paul O’Donnell and his , our boys seemed to keep narrowly ahead for most of this game,but it did get a bit tight at the end and after paul binned the white at the last end James managed to draw 2 shots to within a yard and a half of the ditch, great 2 points in the bag for Big James, on R1 3 was the smiling happy go lucky tanned Adonis that is our beloved Treasurer Jimmy Bathgate, this one was a tough one from the off and did not get much better not for the lack of trying but we lost this one by a few shots, last up on R4 was young Gordon and his troops and started of very well both teams struggling coming back towards the club with the green like a sheet of glass it was difficult for all players to get anywhere near the jack, however the Northern boys did rise to the challenge on this one and got a deserved win by a few shots making the total result over the two greens home and away 3 wins to the Northern and 3 wins to the Carricknowe but our opponents having the better shots difference,  Congratulations to Carricknowe and Parkside who win contest a great final at Craiggy in August, good luck to both.

Published: July 6, 2018

2ndXV1 Vs Hillside

Visitors to the Northern this week was Hillside, with Jimmy Bathgate rink of Jimmy Martin, Bobby Bell. taking a two shot lead after five ends 5-3 ten ends saw them jump up a gear to take a 11-5 lead but eleventh end losing a 4 making the score 11-9 Hillside getting a 1 in the twelve end now only 11-10 next end saw Hillside lying three shots with Jimmy Bathgate one bowl left and a great trail of the jack into the ditch saw Northern getting one shot getting back two a 2 shot lead. after fifteen ends the score 13-12, last two ends saw Northern get a 3,4 making the final score 20-12 .Jim Prentice rink of Bob Bain, Mike Morrison, Bobby Lee, you could say had an off night winning only six of the seventeen ends finally losing out 10-31. James Watson,rink Dave Smith, J,McKenna, Alec Young, had a great start leading 5-1 after five ends stretching it to 12-5 after ten ends the next five ends saw the jump to lead 24-6 getting a (1,0,5,3,3,) losing a 2 at the last final score 24-10.Roy Campbell rink  Kenny Lawrence, Ronnie Scott, Davy Reid., out the traps moving into a 6-2 lead ten ends saw them take a 4 shot lead 11-7 after fifteen ends 23-10 ( 2,0,6,4,0) there final score 23-13. overall score(Sunset Strip ) 77-66. a good solid effort from all. Next up Tanfield Away.



Published: July 5, 2018

Top ten win against Seafield

A good home win on Tuesday night at the Northern against a tough Seafield team, and we were missing Ian Miller and Jamie Reid, Young Gogs playing the singles on R1, this was a cracker with great bowls being played over the whole match on a very fast Northern surface, Seafield came out tops on this tight affair winning 21-19,

On R3 a new pairing of Garry Harrison and Darren Prentice tried their luck,and this match was peels at 10 after 16 ends,after building the head we were lying one shot right on top of the Jack with Seafield lying a shot either side but crucially they had 4 bowls behind the head , skips second bowl sprung the white right in the middle of this bunch and the skip drew 2 more, so a loss of 6 at the second last and it was game over in the pairs,

so two losses and we needed the triple and rink to win both handsomely to take us through and fortunately both came up with the goods, so the triple of Mad Mitch, Andy Travolta and John Urquhart won by a few, and our Rink of Snoddy, Walter, Quiet and Retiring Gordon Wilson and even more quiet and retiring, no I really mean it James Barr who won by a good few shots, big well done lads,

and its Ardmillan next at the Northern

Published: July 4, 2018

Edinburgh Cup Win against Postal

Brilliant victory for the Northern against Postal in the Quarter final of the Edinburgh Cup,with home rinks skipped by Gordon Wilson Snr getting us off to a great start with over 20 shots win in the bag,Jim Easy going , I need the receipt,Grumpy Bathgate also recording a good win, Club Champ Jamie Reid lost out marginally by 2 shots after being peels at the penultimate end, up at Postal it was a tighter affair and Young Gogs and squad almost cancelled out Dads good work with a heavy defeat and 20 shot loss,James Watson and his young boys Smiggy,Ronnie Scott and  Jimmy Martin were beaten by a few shots , Last off was Ian the Auld Warhorse Miller,Andy Travolta Reid( think about it ) John Young and Walter who recorder another win for the Northern , so it was three wins to the Northern and 3 to Postal and after a few frantic phone calls and a couple of miss calculations it was eventually worked out that the Northern had sneaked it by a couple of shots , so commiserations to our opponents and a big well done to the Northern and in the Semi final next Friday Carricknowe await, should be a cracker.

Published: June 30, 2018

1st 16s away to Brunstane

Tricky away league match week 9 against Brunstane and they beat us in week 2 at home so we were looking for revenge, all games were very tight 1st 5 ends or so,Garry H,Pres Grant young Daz and Young Gogs went to the last end 3 up, with the Brunstane skip with the last bowl in his hand and they were lying at least 2 possibly 3 the skip came up short with his last so the first 2 were kicked out and now for the measure,close but our boys were closer by about half an inch, 2 points in the bag, next up was James Barr with Snoddy leading,John Young at No2 and ever reliable Gogs senior who swapped places with Dazza to freshen up both rinks, these lads managed the biggest win of the night , next off is Jamie , Gary 1r, Mad Mitch and John Urq,and it was a hard night for these lads tonight, this was a close one but ended up our only defeat on the night,last off as usual ( Glass half empty ) Miller,Jimmy McKenna,Walter, and Dancer Reid after being 12 down came back brilliantly and won by a couple of shots against Brunstanes strongest rink, Fabulous 7-2 away from home win, Big well done lads.

Published: June 28, 2018

2nd XV1 Vs Bainfield

With Holidays in full swing one or two faces were missing from last week, Jim Prentice, Bobby Lee, Mike Morrison and Bob Bain leading 8-1 after five ends, end 10 came with the lead being stretched to 18-4 with the Rink getting the all inclusive EIGHTon the ninth, end 15 saw them again getting a massive lead of 25-6 finishing up with a 2 at the seventeenth making the score 27- 7.George Prentice, Davie Reid, Ronnie Scott and Kenny Lawrence got 2-0-0-2-3 after five ends the score 7-7 end ten saw them stretch there lead to 15-9 after fifteen ends 19-11, and a 1 at the last end making the score 20-12( scoring 13 of the 17 ends ) . Jimmy Bathgate skipping Jimmy Martin, Callum Anderson, and Robert Bell after 5 ends saw the Northern 3-7 down after 10ends 8-8 fifteen ends saw them cruising into a 17-9 lead scoring a 1 at the last end score 18-11.James Watson , Dave Smith,Alec Young, Keith Smith had a 7-3 lead after five ends but after 10 ends they were 11-14 down fifteen ends saw the 14 – 18 and losing a 3 at the last going down 17-21 final score.

Published: June 27, 2018

Top 5 win Vs Parky

Big well done to our Top 5 lads who saw off opponents Parky on Sunday night at the Northern,Young Gogs off 1st and submitting a 21-14 defeat,Andy the dancer Reid ( who if your stood behind him on delivery of his bowl follows it a few steps has a wee dancy shimy kind of thing, very amusing ) and delivers a handsome win 21-12 from this ex Northern Champ, all square, next off Jamie current club Champ who was beaten 21-17, last two still on were Ian optimistic ( if anything can go wrong it will, glass half empty ) Miller, and Young Daz and it was squeaky bum time as these two matches were tied at 18, but well done to our old war horse and the young Gun who came out trumps with two tight wins putting the Famous Northern into the next round against either Wardie or Brunstane at home, great result lads, its a team game.

Published: June 25, 2018

Alloa Friendly

Three rinks made the journey to Alloa in the long established game going back to the late 70s early 80s. A train journey to Stirling and another to our destination. Arriving  after a brisk walk to the Green we were met by our hosts for the day( the car travellers Gary Largue rink of Allan Mitchell, Ronnie Scott, Jimmy Martin) got of to a good start leading 7-2 after five ends but after ten ends they’re pulled back to 7-9 end fifteen saw them getting a 16-10 lead and the finishing line they got a 16-12 win. Next rink saw the rink of Dave Smith , Willie Robb, Craig Snodgrass( Biscuit thief )  and John Urquhart. they were having a close game after five ends 6-4 end ten saw the lead go to 9-7 and the finishing line getting a 15-14 win .President Grant had Callum Anderson, Kenny Lawrence, and Roy Campbell and were up against it form the start after five ends they were 6-3 down end ten saw them keep it to three shots 10-7 and after seventeenth end they were 19-9. Repairing to the Clubhouse. The Alloa Ladies presented us with a very enjoyable meal and we enjoyed the excellent company of our hosts. At a time when Friendlies seem to have lost their appeal for many this was an excellent reminder of what bowls is about, sport, friendship and enjoyment. As the saying goes ” what goes on tour stays on tour” so if Ronnie Scott’s new nickname or who the phantom biscuit muncher is you might be struggling for a response. Suffice to say Ronnie could easily now star in any western of his choice as the baddest gun slinger in town and don’t leave your Jaffa cakes unguarded when one guy is around. final score 45- 40 to Alloa but like all friendly games it not the score that counts it is the taking part. 

Published: June 24, 2018

2 XV1 vs Parkside

League match this week was against  Parkside with holiday’s  a few changes had to be made before the game left selectors phoning everybody except Donald trump but coming up trumps getting Robert Bell. as the game progressed after five ends it was 17- 20 to Parkside , the next five ends saw Parkside stretching there lead to nine shots. after fivteen ends saw the drama start 51-56 to Parkside. but there was a sting in the tail for Rab Gardiner rink when Roy Campbell’s rink of Jimmy Martin, Mike Morrison, Alec Young and the man himself went from 1-14 down after seven ends to get a peels at 17-17 and to rub salt into the wound Roy won the football card well done in what was a great come back, James Watson’s rink of Davie Smith, Willie Robb, Robert Bell . were holding there own until the ninth end when they lost a 4, 3 in two ends which then made it up hill struggle chasing the game they went from 7-6 after eight ends to 7- 14 after eleven ends, finally losing 11-21, George Prentice’s rink of Bob Bain, Callum Anderson, Davie Reid. were always in front till end fifteen  when it went two peels at 11-11 the next two ends saw them get a 1.1 to win 13-11. Jimmy Bathgate’s rink went form 9-4 up in the seventh end to 10-12 after fifteen a run of seven ends without a reply finally going down 11-15 final score being 52- 64 for Parkside a hard earned 3 points.

Published: June 21, 2018