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2018 Northern Triples Final

On a sunny windy bright autumnal Sunday afternoon we finally got around to playing the last Scottish final of the year between the Holders Garry Harrison, Gordon Wilson jnr and Jamie Reid against the challengers John Newall , Craig Snodgrass and John Urquhart,

Eagerley supported by the legend that is Kenny Dixon,Dave Smith,Kenny Lawrence and here to support his brother former Northern Champ Bo Urquhart.

the holders got off to a great start with a 4 at the first, they were also lying well at the second with at least another 4 when J.Urquhart played a brilliant saving draw to get them off the mark ( 4-1 )

the next few ends were played out and the score got to about 7-3 and the tables were turned the challengers were lying at least 6 shots and Jamie drew in with his last bowl to take a 1, there was a lot of great bowls being played by all players and the shot bowl was changing hands several times throughout the course of each end, after a few more ends of one’s and two’s being scored the score levelled out at 10 -7 to the holders, there then followed a three and a one to make the score 14-7 after  the challengers had a couple of chances the next two ends and had a chance at a take out to maybe get a 5 but a narrow miss and this got them only two singles  making the score now 14-9 with ends running out, at end 13 the holders picked up a 1 so with 2 to go they had stretched their lead to 6, at the second last end John Urquhart, and squad had to look to get  big score but Jamie’s team were playing neat bowls and just covering any big score losses and just mixing and matching the bowls, J. Urquhart wins the fourteenth end with just a 1 so Jamie and crew 5 up at the last and some great bowls here by both leads which was reiterated by the seconds , so with J. Urquhart lying 2 it wasn’t going to be enough he attempted the burn with his 1st which didn’t miss by much, the 2nd though was spot on and the end was to be replayed, good standard of bowls once again played by all players and it was the challengers who had to force things with Garry ,Gogs and Jamie just covering any big scores mixing and matching but for John Newall ,Craig and John Urquhart it didn’t come of this time and the winners for the second year running Garry Harrison,Gordon Wilson jnr and Jamie Reid a big well done and Congratulations.To the runners up John Newall, Craig Snodgrass and John Urquhart. well done for a great final played in the right spirit and enjoyed a few drinks in the clubhouse after. 


Published: September 24, 2018

Handicap Final 2018

As the season draws to a close one of the few compitions left to finish was played on Rink 3 with Allan Mitchell giving Darren Prentice 2 shots it was going to be go from the start. With Darren getting the better of the opening ends after seven ends was leading 7-1 the next seven saw the score Darren leading 10-6 . With Allan getting 1,1,(0) (0) 3,1,1. making the score 14-12 after twenty one ends with the light going both players were playing good bowls. Allan finishing with a run of (0) 2,2,2,1,(0)2. After Twenty-eight end  marathon. Allan was crowned the Handicap winner.

Published: September 18, 2018

Seniors League k/o Final

Well done to all seniors in winning the Seniors League k/o tournament final against Pilrig, we had 3 winning rinks and 1 Losing rink. which made this a very good victory.

Published: September 11, 2018

Croftfoot Friendly

Five players still required for Sat against Croftfoot please put name on sheet.

Published: September 11, 2018

Middlesboro’ & Brotten Friendly

This game was played in the right spirit through out the whole game. Northern would like to thank all the past players  and friends, and the other clubs that helped to make it possible for game to go ahead and a big thank you to the catering and bar staff. see photos below

Published: September 9, 2018

Invitation Pairs



This years Invitation Pairs was won by John Newall & Martin Reid (Hillside) who beat in the Q/F beating Darren  & Tracey Prentice, and the Semi Final Robbie Paterson & Fraser Grant. And the pairing of Kenny Lawrence & Jimmy Bathgate in a very close final winning 7-6. Once again it is a big thank you to the sponsor M & D Vehicle Management Ltd.

Published: September 4, 2018


Please Note that the Invitation Pairs will now start at 10.30 not 10.00 as first stated sorry for inconvenience. 

Published: August 30, 2018

Pairs Final 2018

The Pairs Final for this year was Dave Smith & Mike Morrison against Garry Harrison & Gordon Wilson (Jun). The Final being played inn the right sprit and it was Garry & Gordon who get the better of the opening ends leading 6-2 after five ends, the next five saw the reigning champions take a eight shot lead to go 13-5 after ten. fifteen ends saw the score 16-10 followed up with a  getting a one in the sixteenth end 17-10 and losing a two in the last final score 17-12. So it is Congratulations to the Winners and commiseration to the Losers.

Published: August 29, 2018

2 Bowl Invitation Pairs 2018 Re-Draw

The Draw for 2Bowl Invitation Pairs as follows:

Sec 1  10.30 am  M.Burns, J.Watson, A.Reid, J.Newall, 

Sec 2  10.30 am L Sorrell, D.Smith, D. Prentice, J.Martin, 

Sec 3  11.00 am J.Prentice,  C. Snodgrass  A.Ross, G.Largue,

Sec 4  11.00 am J.Bathgate, D.Reid,R.Patterson, J.Urquhart. 


Published: August 27, 2018

Championship Final 2018

Final’s Night came with a Downpour that was enough for the two players to leave the green. it was Jamie Reid that got off the mark first after five ends leading 3-6. Then a  ten minute  break in play due to weather conditions. When the Finalist’s started over again Jamie took a  lead of 7-9 after ten ends. With the game evenly balanced after fifteen ends Jamie still in front 11-14. Gordon Wilson getting scoring 8 shots in the next four ends  to turn the game in his favour to lead 19-15. Jamie replied with a 2 score now 19-17.The twenty-first end saw the shot change hands back and forward, Gordon lying one shot and Jamie with his last bowl missing the shot bowl and Gordon drawing a second shot to win the Championship. This is the third Father and son to win the Championship at the Northern 139 years of the Club’s history well done to both players for a very entertaining game in difficult conditions.

Published: August 24, 2018