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League week 9 2 XV1

Summer begins to show its face but the winter chill continues for the 2nds.

Corstorphine were last night’s visitors and on a muggy evening with the threat of rain in the air hopes were high that a home match might be just the thing required for the beleaguered team. Sadly it was misplaced hopes yet again with, despite Hugh Hilson’s squad being first off with a win, the match result of a 7-2 loss said it all.

Phil Rae and his lads made a good fight of it ultimately losing on the last end. ROC’s team (not him) battled hard and had a wee chance when lying 6 on the 3rd last end but the opposing skip managed to get in for 2nd and the game then just petered out for the home side. Bob Lee’s rink looked to be well beaten conceding 22 shots for a reply of 8.

Hugh Hilson rink got a good break in the last end with the score15 – 16 against Jimmy Martin Trailed the jack and then it was who ditched it would win with four bowls on banking it was Northern that go a 18 – 15 win

Maybe it is just the wee breaks that are missing, maybe it is the team mix, maybe we are simply not good enough. Tables don’t lie. We are now 10 points away from 3rd bottom and only 5 games left. It will take a huge effort from the guys to achieve safety but it needs to be done.

Published: July 2, 2015

Edinburgh Cup

As the news came through from Craigentinny that all three rinks won and at home there were two winning rinks The “Eagles ” will play Brunstane in the Quarter Final . Lets hope that this can turn the season for all.

Published: June 28, 2015

League Week 8

Another bad day at the office for the 2nds. Only the rink skipped by Hugh Hilson mounted any great challenge at Craigentinny and they were sadly undone at the last when lying 2 up they dropped a 4 and the match. None of the other 3 rinks were ever really in the running and this was reflected in the overall score. However the 2nds have 4 home games in the second half of the season and while thoughts now change to survival rather than honours confidence remains high that we can pull ourselves up the table over the next few weeks.

Published: June 25, 2015

League week 7

Following on from last weeks’ disappointing away defeat at Willowbrae hopes were high of a return to winning ways at home to HIillside. However such hopes quickly faded with 3 of the NBC rinks failing to register a shot in the first 4 ends. Craig Snodgrass’s team never got going and fell to a heavy defeat. This was quickly followed by the demise of Bob Lee’s squad. A brief light was flickered as ROC’s four recorded a victory and, in a grandstand finish, Phil Rae and his squad almost completed a tremendous comeback when lying 3, and game, at the last were beaten by a deflection. Away to Craigentinny for the start of the second half of the league next week and the only way is up for the Eagles!

The mood in the clubrooms was definitely lifted however by news of the First teams stunning 9-0 victory away to Hillside

Friday night’s clash with Liberton in the Edinburgh Cup has been cancelled owing to Liberton’s withdrawal.

Published: June 18, 2015

League Week 4 2nd XVI

Week four of the League the Night the rain came down the Eagles wings were clipped last week at Summerside but the home game this week was a lot better getting a 7-2 against our Neighbours Tanfield a few changes being made seem to work .Phil Rae’s four were in control for most of the game and ran out very comfortable winners. Gordon Wilson skipped Allan’s rink to a win in match where the lead appeared to change hands a few times. ROC’s rink had a battle all the way to the last and got over the finish line with a 3 in the final end to win the game after being 6 down with 3 to play. Ronnie MacDonald was looking good to complete the whitewash, lying match peels but a shot to the good in the final end but a last bowl take out from the opposing skip put paid to that and the NBC had to settle for a very satisfying 7.2 win. 

Published: May 28, 2015

League Week 2 2xv1

The ” Eagles” landed in Corstorphine for league match on a dry but nice night hoping to better the previous result . One of last weeks hero’s Allan Mitchell’s rink with one forced change saw them swoop into the lead after 13 ends 17 – 1 next two ends saw them lose 1,1 making the score 17-3 Allan’s rink getting a 2 at the second last end score 19-3 and Corstorphine winning the last with 1 shot final score 19-4.

The Grinder from last week could not get running at all Roy Campbell “s rink were under the cosh from the very first end and the story didn’t get any better only winning 4 ends out of the 17 going down 4-24.

Last Week Ronnie Mc Donald’s rink were under the weather and looking for a better result this week . After 5 ends they were 3-6 down . Ends 6/7 saw 1,4 in favour of Northern jumping into a two shot lead only to be pulled back to peels again after ten ends Corstorphine got into a run of 1,1,1,3,1 to go into a 15-9 lead with three ends to play with another twist in the game and a 4,3,1finish to get  a 17-15 winning score.

Craig Snodgrass was given the honour of being skip and the game was close after 8 ends only 3 shots down but the ground opened up and they went from 4-7 to 9-15 after 13 ends getting back to 13-15 with three to play losing 1,3,1 and the final score 13-20 . Highlight of the Night The Weather was dry.

Published: May 14, 2015

Short Carpet Season 2015



The Start off 2015 saw Hot favourite Jimmy Bathgate take an early bath and Allan ( WICKED ) Mitchell win the first round

The second week saw Allan (Wicked ) mitchell take a 6 shot lead over the shot of the night bobby Lee. Once again the Tournament Fav struggling to find form losing out in the early rounds.

Third week saw Allan ( Wicked )Mitchell a hatrick of wins this season as the tournament Fav falters again in early round .

Week Four saw Craig Snodgrass beating Vice President Gordon Wilson in  the  final. A Mitchell losing out this week in the Semi Final but still 13 points clear the shot of the night was ROC draw to a edge of carpet but unlucky to see the jack disappear  from carpet . The Tournament Fav still struggling to find form .

Week five Final brought the Members that were there to there feet as Harry Hastie took on Allan Mitchell Harry stormed into a 6- 0 lead only to be pulled back to 6-6 after six ends an extra end was played and after a measure it was Harry Hastie that won ending the unbeaten Allan. A shock was inshore as the Tournament Fav was unable to play as he was unwell .

With Allan Mitchell making the Maltese Cross Hughie Hilson took up the challenge winning week 6 from Gordon Wilson (sen) in a sporting final.

With Jimmy Bathgate still under Doctors orders and Allan Mitchell in Malta week seven saw  the field draw closer to the leader it was Roy Campbell that took the bull by the horns and got8 points joining Craig Snodgrass in joint second. An interesting four weeks left

Week 8 saw the return of Allan (desparado) Mitchell winning the final and taking two shots when it would have been easy to draw a third but might have moved jack was the excuse. President Garry Largue was an unlucky runner up Bobby Lee was the shots of the night drawing within two inches of being of the carpet and next end with two touchers but his luck ran out good news that Tournement  fav, is relaxing after a bad blood poisoning in sunny Barcelona with his good ladyno game next week because of A G M

After the AGM break it was back to the carpet and the shock of the night was the runaway leader Allan Mitchell bite the dust with outstanding bowling by Davie scott

Last week of the Carpet Season saw Roy Campbell not only playing the bowl of the night but winning the last session but the late run came to late to progress to the Grand Final he played a bowl that looked like it was going of carpet but somehow it managed to trail the jack and lay shot the Final next week is over 10 ends between  Jimmy Bathgate winner of 2014 session and this session’s winner Allan Mitchell the Favourite Jimmy Bathgate just back from illness and is struggling to find the form that got him into the final but is building himself up for the marathon game next week the game starts at 7 .30 come along and give your support to the players.

The Final of the 2014/15 Carpet Bowls was won by Allan Mitchell who know has won the Trophy 3 times in a row what everybody was hoping for was a close encounter but Allan got of to a flyer and never look back with Jimmy Bathgate struggling with his weight ( on the Carpet) he never looked like the winner he was in the first half Allan very sportingly bought all the players that were there a drink of his winnings a good time was had ball through out the season and it is well done Roy Campbell for doing all the work all winter.

    January February March END KO
  NAME 5 15 19 26 2 9 16 23 2 9 16 Tot
1 R. BAIN 1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  A  1  5  5
2 H. HILSON 1  2  3  4  5  11  12  14  16  18  18
3 A. MITCHELL 6  12  20  24  28  28  28  34  36  37  37
4  J.BATHGATE 1  2  2  5  5  5  5  5  6  7  7
5  C.SNODGRASS 1  3  5  11  12  14  18  20  26  28  28
6 R. LEE 4  6  7  9  11  12  14  15  16  17  17
7 ROC 1  2  6  8  9  10  18  19  16  31  31
8  H.HASTIE 1  5  6  7  13  14  14  15  G  15  15  15
9 M.MORRISON 4  4  5  5  7  7  7  7  7  7  7
10   K. Dixon  –  1  1  2  2  4  6  6  6  7  7
11  G.Wilson (sen)  –  2  2  8  8  12  13  14  15  15  15
12  D.Scott  –  –  4  4  4  5  7  7  11  11  11
13  W.Rae  –  –  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2
14  J.Martin  –  –  1  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2
15  G.Largue  –  –  1  1  2  2  3  7  7  7  7
16  T Whitecross  –  –  – 1  1  1  2  2  M  2  2  2
17  G.Young  –  –  –  –  –  –  1  1  1
18  A.Young  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  1  1  1
23 CASH 9(9) 9(18)  12(30  11(41) 8(49 8(57)  10(67)  8(75) 11(86)  8(94)

Published: January 6, 2015