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Top 5 Top boys

Brilliant result with a great win against Sigthill BC,

Ian Miller is the new Flying Scotsman having tucked his opponent away in about 45 mins winning 21-3,and all the Northern lads rubbing their heads and their eyes seeing last bowl Miller off 1st by a country mile,

Next off with Davy ( ive definitely chucked it ) Scott, and on this occasion he defo hadn’t chucked it, Davy’s opponent found the tricky R6 a tad better than him and this one was a 21-9 defeat,

Peels at 1, 2 games down.

Next off was Jamie, and after sitting pretty at 19-13 up Jamie started to feel the heat as his opponent hit back with a 4 and a 2 to peel at 19,

Jamie regained his composure and a huge sigh off relief went around the Northern as Jamie picked up a 2 at the next winning 21-19,

Young Gogs was playing a blinder on R5 against the Sighthill Top dog and got to about 17-3 up and just took his foot of the pedal a little,his opponent lengthened the white and gained a few shots but Young Gordon( it is  Sunday) closed out with 2 brilliant draws coming back towards the clubhouse to win his tie and effectively finish Sighthill off,

Andy Reid was playing a tight game on R1 but his opponent always seemed to be 1 step ahead, as the game on R5 ended and the match ended as a contest they finished the end and decided to proceed, Andy’s opponent picked up another couple of shots and with the next end being very tight again but Andy lying 2 shots the Sighthill man drove and burn’t the end and both players decided to shake hands and both their records stay in check giving the Northern a 3-1 victory.

Our next round opponents will be, Carricknowe.

Anyway great team effort lads onwards and upwards.

Published: July 13, 2015

Edinburgh Cup Exit

Very disappointing night for all concerned at the Northern tonight,all six rinks beaten at home and away, our opponents had all the answers,  no-one from the Northern really turned up tonight with any great effect either at home or away and therefore no one will be getting a mention tonight,

So let’s get the heads back up lads the Top 5 lads are at home this Sunday for a 3pm start against Sighthill and both 16s still have 4 important games left in the league, more-so the 2nds so let’s get the atmosphere lifted lads and drive for as many points as possible it would be a remarkable feat for the 2nds to remain in the 1st Div  with our current position,

Best wishes to our opposition tonight for the final  Queensberry just toooo good for us tonight, they play the winners of Tanfield V Bainfield.

Published: July 10, 2015

League week 10 2XV1

At last, light at the end of the tunnel …. With things beginning to look desperate the 2nds went into last night match 7 points behind their Summerside opponents and knowing this was the match they simply had to win. And what a win it was. The 7-2 result closing the gap to 2 points and putting us 8 points away from the safety spot. Wins for the rinks of Phil Rae and Hugh Hilson were added to by ‘new recruit’ Stan Christie and his squad and only ROC’s last foot short bowl prevented his four getting a win and an overall whitewash. Great result on the night and now on to Tanfield next Wednesday. There is an opportunity to close the 8 point distance with our hosts and with Maitland, who now occupy 3rd bottom spot, to visit the NBC the following week that light might just be little brighter …. hopefully it is not a train (being Edinburgh, should that be tram?) coming the other way!!

Published: July 9, 2015

League Week 10 1st XV1s

First XV1s travelled the short journey East to Summerside full of confidence with that nice Northern winning feeling about the club which wee seem to have had the last few seasons around this time,

With Summerside struggling a bit at the bottom of the table full concentration and effort was the required  order of the day,

and a good night it was to be with only Ian Millers rink losing after the opposing skip had played a good bowl but got a very fortunate result and picked up a three to win by a shot, Unlucky Ian and the lads,

But great victories for Jim Bathgate, Jamie Reid and Young Gogs got a great win which included a maximum * count,

Back at the Northern the 2nds have won 7-2 as-well, FANTASTIC LADS

Great win Lads now lets make it a Big Team effort against Queensberry on Friday


Published: July 8, 2015

Top 10 Defeat

Bainfield arrived at the Northern on Tuesday night for this Top 10 Clash and they went away with the spoils,

Stan done well to peg Craig Paterson back in the singles but eventually lost 21-13

In the pairs young Gordon and Garry Harrison had a very tight game on rink four and going into the last end we were 1 shot down but lying 2 shots, there skip trailed the Jack  with his last bowl and they got a 1 ending up two down for the home team,

Our Triple consisted of Stevie Raeburn,Andy Reid and Ian Miller and Ian was three shots down at the last end and had to play into the head to turn things which he did but wasnt enough and also ended up losing by a couple of shots,

The big positive to be taken out of the night was the Rink which Darren P led Our beloved President ( Gordon Wilson) was 2nd,Davy Scot 3rd and Jamie Reid skipped, big well done lads , won by about 13 shots.

Hard lines lads

Published: July 8, 2015

Top 5 Win Parkside

Another great result for the Northern today, Our top 5 have beaten Parky 3-2, with the Auld Heeds of Ian Miller , Davie Scott & Stan Christie getting the three required wins , and the two bairns oor Jamie  & young Gogs surviving to fight another day , but remember Lads it’s a Team game and your Bestest efforts will be required at the next hurdle.


Published: July 5, 2015

Edinburgh Cup Semi

Big well done to all the players and the club as a whole to reach another Edinburgh cup Semi final. We have done particularly well in this Cup the last few years having reached two finals against Tanfield and last year Craigentinny respectively.

Fantastic result last night against Brunstane winning all but one of the six rinks and the one rink we didn’t win  was Jamie Reid getting a peel which is ok  apart from the fact that he was 5 shots down at the last end and got a 5, so big well done to Jamie and his squad,”Fantastic”

Young Gogs and his squad left it very late being down the whole game until the 2nd last end when he went one up and being two down at the last end drove the Jack into the ditch with his 1st bowl picking up a four and I’m sure the lads at the Northern heard the ROAR as the quiet shy retiring Gogs and his squad celebrated.

Other wins on the night for Larry Sorrel & Mad Mitch at home & other two away teams were last bowl Miller and the newly improved Quiet Laid back Jim Tubby Bathgate.

We now meet Queensberry next Friday after they had  a fantastic win against Parkside,and the other Sem-final tie is Tanfield against Bainfield,

Nothing here to FEAR lads

Big well done lads, C’mon the Famous Northern.

Published: July 4, 2015

Top 10 Vs Bainfield

Hey lads another date for the diary, come along and support our Top 10 lads playing the big guns from the West of the city, on Tuesday 7th of July at the Northern.

Stan will do his best in the singles, Young Gordon and Garry Harrison usually do ok in the pairs and a new formation of Daz Prentice,Andy Reid and Last bowl Miller in the Triples,and also a new Rink of Stevie Raeburn , Gorgeous Gordon Wilson(EL PRESIDENTE) Davy ( ive definately chucked it ) Scott and skipping it Jamie Reid.

good luck lads stick in.

Published: July 2, 2015

Top Five

Our top 5 boys

Our lads are playing against Parkside at Parkside on Sunday 5th of July at 2pm, go along and support our Best 5 against theirs,

good luck

Gordon Wilson jnr,Jamie Reid,Davy Scott,Stan Christie & Ian Miller.


Published: July 2, 2015

Edinburgh Cup

Good luck to the 6 rinks representing the club on Friday 3/7/2015 in the Edinburgh Cup at both the Famous Northern and at Brunstane, Good luck lads

Published: July 2, 2015