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League Week 4 2nd XVI

Week four of the League the Night the rain came down the Eagles wings were clipped last week at Summerside but the home game this week was a lot better getting a 7-2 against our Neighbours Tanfield a few changes being made seem to work .Phil Rae’s four were in control for most of the game and ran out very comfortable winners. Gordon Wilson skipped Allan’s rink to a win in match where the lead appeared to change hands a few times. ROC’s rink had a battle all the way to the last and got over the finish line with a 3 in the final end to win the game after being 6 down with 3 to play. Ronnie MacDonald was looking good to complete the whitewash, lying match peels but a shot to the good in the final end but a last bowl take out from the opposing skip put paid to that and the NBC had to settle for a very satisfying 7.2 win. 

Published: May 28, 2015

League Week 2 2xv1

The ” Eagles” landed in Corstorphine for league match on a dry but nice night hoping to better the previous result . One of last weeks hero’s Allan Mitchell’s rink with one forced change saw them swoop into the lead after 13 ends 17 – 1 next two ends saw them lose 1,1 making the score 17-3 Allan’s rink getting a 2 at the second last end score 19-3 and Corstorphine winning the last with 1 shot final score 19-4.

The Grinder from last week could not get running at all Roy Campbell “s rink were under the cosh from the very first end and the story didn’t get any better only winning 4 ends out of the 17 going down 4-24.

Last Week Ronnie Mc Donald’s rink were under the weather and looking for a better result this week . After 5 ends they were 3-6 down . Ends 6/7 saw 1,4 in favour of Northern jumping into a two shot lead only to be pulled back to peels again after ten ends Corstorphine got into a run of 1,1,1,3,1 to go into a 15-9 lead with three ends to play with another twist in the game and a 4,3,1finish to get  a 17-15 winning score.

Craig Snodgrass was given the honour of being skip and the game was close after 8 ends only 3 shots down but the ground opened up and they went from 4-7 to 9-15 after 13 ends getting back to 13-15 with three to play losing 1,3,1 and the final score 13-20 . Highlight of the Night The Weather was dry.

Published: May 14, 2015

League Week 1

First XVI Report

To Follow

Second XVI Report

As usual first game of the season the weather was a kind to us our opposition were Craigintinny  with a some late call off’s the selectors had to reshuffle the rinks. The Flag was flying at half mast in memory of Willie Palfrey who passed away on the 4th may. Rink 1 Jimmy Martin, Willie Robb, Ronnie Scott, Allan Mitchell. lead 11-2 after five ends with a 6 at the fifth end and Craigintinny replying with a 5 at end seventh . By end 16 Allan’s rink were 22-12 up losing a 1 at the last making the score 22-13. Man of the rink Ronnie Scott who had a wrong biase bowl and after the game he was told he was in the Scottish Rink (Seniors) The Craigintinny Rink was Ramsey Stewart, Lewis Betts, Ronnie Andrews, Tony Mclaren.

Rink 3  Consisted of Bob Bain, Alex Young, Bobby Bell, Walter Murray. who found it hard after 10 ends finding them self’s down 15-2 and getting no rubs losing out 22-4. There opposition was Eddie Henderson, Kevin McWatt, David Torrance , Danny Gormley.

Rink 4 Gary Largue , Keith Smith, Bobby Lee, Roy Campbell. were leading 7-0 after 5 ends with Craigintinny rink of Bill Leslie, Harry Phillip, Liam Gordon , Jimmy Marshall . getting the score back to 11-7 after 14 ends getting 1,1,1, for the next 3 ends making final  score 11-10 in favour of Northern.

Rink 5 Jimmy Porter, Harry Hastie, Ian Macdonald , Ronnie Mc Donald. Were up against it from the start winning  5 ends out of the 17 losing  5  – 22.5 with Craigintinny having only three players Alex Duncan, Mal Milne , Ronnie Douglas.losing 1/4 of there score.


Published: May 7, 2015